.Class of 2011.

My Levi graduated!!! I am so proud of him. Doing online school isn't the easiest thing with working full time and he doubled up his classes the last 6 months. He worked so hard and did so great! Congrats babe, I love you!!!
Levi and his buddy Lee. After 11 years, they graduated together again!!
That's Levi on the screen!!

 Outside the University of Phoenix Stadium


.Brunette vs Blonde.

It was just time. 
Levi met me as blonde and it's been 2 years since I was one.
Going back to the nitty gritty.
I do have a confession tho...I miss the brunette, but being back blonde has been fun.
I love that I am the most indecisive about big things, and lets be honest, your hair is a BIG thing! 


.4th of July.

Every year my family goes to Carlsbad for the 4th. They camp, for an entire week! This was mine and Levi's first year going. We found out last minute that I had work off and that my friend had an extra site that we were able to buy off of her. We were quite a ways down from the rest of my family, but nothing a little long board ride couldn't handle. It is such a fun tradition that my family does every year. Levi and I already have a list of things that we plan on doing doing different and bringing for next year. And Levi is certain that we will get a beach front campsite next year:)
Our camp site
Wakey Wakey, 7am every morning bc it got so dang hot in the tents!
The wonderful 100+ stairs down to the beach
Miss Marley
Mykee went around doing Lady Gaga hair on all the girls one day, it turned out so cute!
Beach Games
Sunday Funday
Hayden and Marley
Dad with 4 of the 12 Granddaughters
Our daily commute to the other campsites
Levi and I took the 8 oldest nieces and nephews out to the movies one night. It was a nice break from the sand and heat.


.They're HOME!!!.

My parents finally are home! Those 18 months were the quickest and longest 18 months, can I say that?? I am grateful to be their daughter. They have been amazing examples to all of us and I love them so much! 
My brother Spencer (who beat cancer while they were gone) his 4th, but 1st little girl Roxie who was born half way through his chemo treatments, and my parents!