.The Awaiting Opening...

Around mid-noon today, the mail man came to my parents house. As my anxiously, but patient mother awaited his afternoon drop off, she went and found the greatest anticipation my father and her have been waiting on, planning for years, to come. And...IT CAME!!! Their Mission call is HERE!!!
All 8 kids and their spouses will be gathering at 9 o'clock this evening to watch them open the letter to their next journey in life together!
But...Here's the catch...we, 8 kids and spouses, have to keep it hush hush until my parents announce it in their ward and get to tell all of their friends personally before we get to tell anyone. For some, like me, that will be soo hard. But it is my parents gift, their shinning glory, so we will all grant their wishes and keep our lips sealed.
So...for those who would like to guess, there will be a prize :} Who ever is the closest to where they will be serving for 18 months, will get a batch of my famous chocolate chip cookies. Yes, they are to die for so you will want to take that leap of faith and guess!!!
My Guess-New York.

My Guy's Guess-Hawaii.

Your Turn!!!


.A New Pride and Joy.

The night before we got married we received My Guys wedding band. We were so excited to see what it was going to look like, we designed it together and was going to be the perfect band for him. When we saw it for the first time, we were a little disappointed...It wasn't the color of metal we had planned on and the black diamonds were half the size we were hoping they would be. We didn't let the disappointment of his wedding band effect our Wedding Eve evening however. We gladly took the ring with a smile and a thank you, and enjoyed our wedding dinner with family and friends.

As soon as we returned home from our honeymoon, my Guy was browsing one of his favorite stores and his eyes came across his new dream wedding band. He couldn't stop thinking about it, or for that matter, talking about it...for weeks! He took me to go take a look at it. It was in Scottsdale Mall, and I was still on crutches from my hip surgery, so he gladly pushed me in a wheel chair to go take a peek. Once I saw it for the first time, I smiled and agreed. It was perfect for him. It had his name written all over it. And After a long waited 6 months, it finally came! And what more perfect timing to get it then the morning of his 10 year reunion?! He looks ravishing with it on his left ring finger, and I love it. More than his original one. But...I am the sentimental type, and insisted we keep the first one. Just like how I am changing the setting for my diamond, we will keep the original setting even tho there will be no diamond in it. Call me crazy, weird or just plain silly, but I want to keep both of them.
*Mont Blanc*

*kindly disregard the cell phone picture...the only decent camera we have is our huge Nikon and it's not something you just carry around with you 24/7. So until we get a new digital, cell phone pictures will just have to do.

**Post Coming Soon-My Guy and his Pearly Whites!! Stay tuned...


.Club Dance.

Club Dance "Strut-n-Stuff" team danced at Schnepf Farms last Saturday. It was the hottest day the October had to offer, but the girls didn't let that bother them while on stage. They did awesome!
4 of my nieces performed.

To Die For. Right?

Don't mess with Bronson...

Body Guard

Just enjoying the show with My Guy. Once the sunset, the weather was perfect! Ps...I think I am so over my dark hair...and he is/was so over braces. They came off 2 days ago!!

Pumpkin Patch. I blended in well.
No. We did not mean to wear "orange and black" to coordinate with the Halloween Theme. It just so happened and I didn't put 2 and 2 together until we were leaving, hours later...

He wishes...

Yup...Solid 5'8''. I thought I was 5'9'' my entire life up until 7 months ago. An inch shorter puts me in an entire different weight bracket!

#1. Wore the totally wrong shoes
#2. The Corn Maze was completely torn apart from all the kids.
#3. All in all, it was a really fun night.


.Gramma Roxie.

My Gramma Roxie passed away last night.
She would have been 89 on Nov 5th. (11.05.1920-10.15.2009)
Her Sweetheart, Granddad Orr, passed away 15 years ago.
She has 7 children. 43 Grandchildren (I'm number 41) 126 Great Grandchildren. 2? Great-Great Grandchildren. And...she knew every...single...persons name. And their spouse! (She even gave nicknames to all 8 siblings in my family. She would call me by that every time we talked on the phone)
She was the most talented lady I have ever met. Up until she got really sick ,which was maybe a couple of weeks ago, she was still teaching piano to 15 students a week and quilting! She loved putting on show's for others. Whether it was her piano students recitals, or her own personal recitals. Gramma Foxie Roxie was a Star.
She lived in Show Low. And most people from there, knew her and loved her. She has lived there for so many years. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from going to Show Low to visit, exploring in her backyard and the woods right across the street. We would be gone for hours...and waking up to her making us grandkids breakfast, watching her make her famous pies, and chicken noodle soup for Thanksgiving. Admiring all of her quilts, sewing projects, and my personal favorites, her accessories. She was visiting me in Provo about 4yrs ago and I was admiring this beautiful gold ring with purple stones and she took it off her finger and insisted I have it because I loved it so much. I have always had a love for the necklaces and rings she wore.
I am her youngest Grand Daughter and was so happy she was able to make it to my wedding and be there for that special day. She sings at all of her grandkids weddings, and she got the privilege to sing at mine, not only once, but twice! She was so thrilled. I will never forget those moments.

My Guy was ever so kind to drive me up to Show Low this past Monday after work. We had to borrow his brothers rental car since both of our vehicles need new tires. We got on the road at 5pm, arrived to her home at 7:30pm and were home to Gilbert at 11pm. The moment we stepped into her home, I started crying. As My Guy and I went into her room to say our last goodbyes, I cried even more. We kneeled down next to her bed. She was beautiful as ever. Wearing her favorite pink silky nighty. Even with all the pain she had to have been in, she was in such high spirits. She told My Guy how grateful she was for him entering into my life and how important is it to always take care of me. She was so happy to have met him and experience our special day with us. As she looked at him in the eyes, she told him how much she loved him and loved how much he loves me. My Guy told her to "Have fun up there" and she giggled and said "Oh...I will!" We kissed her goodbye and left the room. It was the hardest thing I have had to do in a very long time. I haven't lost someone close to me in 10 years. And having her being my last Grandparent made it that much harder for me. I am so happy she passed peacefully and that the last memory I have of her, she was in such high spirits. She was cracking jokes all night long to every family member that went into her room. I am also grateful for the 2-3 weeks that went by in the summer when she called me if not once, twice a day. I giggled every time she called because she had never called me so much. She had a new Mac computer and would call asking ME if I knew how to work it! Please...we have one and I STILL don't know what I am doing with it...
I am grateful for the hand made quilt I have from you and the hand stitched dish towels I got. I will do something special with them so they never get ruined.
I love you Grandma Roxie. Thank you for teaching me some of the best life lessons. You will be talked about for generations. Take care of my children and watch over them up in Heaven, as they are waiting for My Guy and I to get ready and be prepared for them down here. I am as nervous as ever to start a family, but knowing you're there helping them makes me feel a lot better. I hope my daughters can be as talented as you. And I hope that one of them will get your name. If not a first, a middle. You are one of my Angels watching over me. Grandma, no ones Apple Pies will ever be as good as yours. I wish I would have taken the time for you to teach me. Thank you for supporting me in everything I did. For flying all the way to New York to just see me in the Hill Cumorah Pageant 3 years ago. I will never forget your warm kisses, smile or your giggle.
I love you. I love you. I love you.
Your Moonbeam


{My Guy}

Shout Out to My Favorite Guy:
Stephen Levi Yeager

i love my guy more than life itself.
He is my everything and i don't know where i would be without him.
He is the most genuine guy i have ever met.
He is so sweet, caring, loving, and forgiving.
i love the way he makes me laugh until my stomach hurts.
i love the way he makes me feel.
i love the way he looks at me.
i love when he surprises me flowers, just because.
He is an amazing brother, son, uncle, friend and most importantly, HUSBAND.
{he's on the right...if you couldn't tell}
He is the reason i am where i am today.
There is never a dull moment when he is around.
He is the greatest all around guy.
Give him anything, and he'll be amazing at it.{makes me jealous at times}
i love that we share the same goals, interest and taste of design.
i love him.



The Doctors I work for (Rollins and Petersen Orthodontics) took the entire staff  to Cancun on an All Inclusive Trip! (We missed you Amy, Kristen and Heidi!!) We had the best time, and it was so fun to see everyone out of the work zone! Even tho I have been working there for over 2 years, I feel like I got to know everyone so much better in a matter of 4 days. 
If I could have changed 2 things about the trip it would have been #1-Spouses should have been able to come if they paid their way and #2-Gone and found a taco stand! Not once did I eat mexican food while I was there and I was craving it big time! I had My Guy take me to El Charro as soon as we got home...MmmmMmm ;) 
Side Note: We were all supposed to post pictures on a photo bucket account so we didn't have to use a million cameras, but for some reason when I tried downloading the other girls pictures, they came out too small. So this is all I've got for ya!

Nothin like having your toes in the sand

The Grand Oasis Hotel
{aka our Hotel}

Me and My Bestie/Roomie

The 2nd day the Doctors took us to Chichen Itza. It was a 2hr bus ride, and knowing me with my amazing sleeping skills, I slept the entire way there and back! Little did I know, our guide talked the entire time and was giving a little lesson about the history of the place. Ya...I didn't learn much. But it was a really cool place to see!

Inside this pyramid, is another pyramid! Oh and don't worry, there is only 1 door to get inside. I couldn't imagine being inside with how humid it is outside.

You can't see it very well, but right in the middle of this structure, there is the statue they would sacrifice people on. That or put the beating hearts of those they sacrificed. Again, I was sleeping when he was talking about it...He was hard to understand anyways.

Amelia, Me, Amber and Mallory inside the ball court.

We were pretty much 4 peas in a pod.

The Sink Hole. 
They would throw the bodies that were sacrificed in there. Gross...

Me, Amelia, Amber, Mallory.

We got back to the resort around 2 and had the rest of the day to play!
Amber, Mal, Kristy, Me, Amelia.

Everyone wanted to do dinner together every night, but it takes way too long to serve 15 people, so we went and found our own place to eat. And they had the BEST coconut ice cream. MmmMMmmm

There was a foam party that night at the club next door, Mal and I both had permission from our hubbies to go clubbing one night.

Seriously, SO MUCH FUN! We left when the foam was up to our chins and we couldn't breath without taking in some bubbles.

The 3rd day was FREE DAY!!! We went to the Mall in the morning. Took a gheto bus down the road about 2 miles, spent a little over an hour at the Mall and went back to the resort. I was anxious to lay out! Us 4 did buy matching Roxy Cancun shirts, and I must say, we looked pretty dang cute.


If there weren't these HUGE rocks right along the shore, I would have totally gone swimming. Look at the water tho, so beautiful! I can't wait to go back with my guy!

My Guy bought me this swim suit JUST for Cancun. He surprised me back in June with it, he's the best ever.

Night 3, we had a formal dinner/staff meeting. 

Inside Joke. The Doctors made fun of me for posing like this on the trip. But I swear I never did, not once! Ok maybe once...Anyways, all the girls were making them pose like me for this picture. Thank You Dr. Rollins & Petersen for taking us!!! Can't wait for our next trip in 2 years!! Hmm...where to go....

Amelia. Me. Amber. Mal.
Rocking our matching shirts for the plane ride home.