.Peculiar Babies. {13}

I've been horrible at actually documenting this pregnancy. I totally thought I was going to be the type about talking about the first kicks, aches and pains, cravings, etc. But all I can think about is how lucky I am and how the heck am I going to prepare for two, TWO babies! Luckily I've got some pretty amazing sisters and friends to help me out along the way. I planning on this week to be my "catch up on blogging week" let's see if I can stick to it!!
I have taken some pictures through out the pregnancy and for documenting reasons I am going to post them.
*Week 4: Found out we were pregnant in Vegas!
*Week 6: We are having TWINS!!!
*Week 8: Graduated from the Fertility Clinic.
*Week 10: Still not showing.
*Week 12: I thought I was totally showing by now, looking back I'm pretty sure I was crazy.
*Week 15: Morning sickness is gone, back to normal self!!
*Week 17: The bump has officialy made it's debut.
•Week 18: Found out that we are getting a BOY and a GIRL!!!
•Week 19: Still at the point then when I get hungry, I have to eat NOW point!! Or else I'd get sick
•Week 20: Brother is measuring closer to the cervix than what is "normal", have to take it easy. IE: no running, jumping or "rough" housing heehee.
•Week 21: Took our "Baby Cation" to Belize!
•Week 22: No more traveling outside of the country.
•Week 23: Brother is officially bottom bunk and sister is top bunk!
•Week 24: The guest bedroom is ready for all the helpers;) hint hint
•Week 25: Gained 17pds so far, still working out 3-5x a week for about 30-60min.
•Week 26: Still sleeping through the night, haven't had to get up to tinkle since 17 weeks pregnant. (Visalus has made a tremendous effect on the way I feel, more on that later!!)
•Week 27: Went camping (yes camping, tent, air mattress and all) for an entire week with my family in Carlsbad.
•Week 28: Gained 20pds so far. (thank you Visalus!!)
•Week 29: Got my first cold of the pregnancy, pregnant girls should not be allowed to get sick....
•Week 30: Just started waking up to go to the bathroom 1x a night, usually between 3-5am.

Brother: he is the active one at night, usually the reason why it takes me a good hour or so to fall asleep bc I love being able to watch and feel him move.
I noticed at 29  weeks that he was the first to have the hiccups! It's pretty funny. Feels like a constant twitch.
I was talking to him one day (sounds weird I know) but I was telling him to always take care of his sister and to be a good example to her and I had my hands on my belly and I felt like he gave me "Knucks" telling me "I will mom, don't worry".
He is camera shy, we maybe only have one profile picture of him.
He likes to stretch and put his feet right on belly and his head up in my left ribs.

Sister: She is always the active one in the middle of the day.
She likes to curl up and push against my belly making it look like a big ski slop.
Every ultra sound we get, she likes to be front and center. Always looking at the camera. At 28 weeks you could tell she has chubby cheeks already!!

Together: They are both head up (brother thinks he's being silly), I like to think of it as they are just hanging out, talking and helping each other get ready to come into this world.
They are the most active in the morning, they get that from their dad. Levi is the best morning waker upper, me however, I'm a night owl.
Both babies still don't have names!!! We are trying something new this week, we will take a name "combo" we like best and refer to them as those names, hoping that helps us figure what what we are going to name these munchkins!!!

I feel like they know when I am thinking about them, because every time I start thinking about how they are going to be, what they're going to look like, how they're going to sleep and interact with eachother, they both start moving and dancing like crazy!!