.Annual Owens Christmas Party.

Every year, since before I was born, we have our Christmas party. It's the same every year, for the most part, and I love it! If you have been to one of our parties, then you know exactly what I am talking about in "The List" below. For those who have absolutely no clue what I am talking, just use your imagination :}
It consist of....
*Posola Soup For Dinner(pretty sure that's NOT how it's spelled...)
*Lots of Kids
*The Dancing Doll
*The Dumb Baby
*The Christmas Pig
*Grandkids Performing a Musical Number
And of course...
After which, all the grandkids doing the "cousin" exchange.

I wasn't able to get pictures of everything, but I still did get quite a bit!

We start off by singing Christmas songs, you know, to get into the Christmas Spirit!

Carson is always going after someone's food or drink...

Ok, so below is the "Dumb Baby". She is "Dumb" because she can't talk. She comes from "Denmark" and is bestfriends with Santa. So, all the kids get a chance to ask her YES or NO questions of what they think they will be getting for Christmas. This was probably my favorite part of the night. There is a series of pictures of my nephew Bronson's reaction to all of this. He is such a character and was so into the entire thing. He is 2, so obviously last year he had no clue what was going on...

Levi got to be the "Christmas Pig" this year. (not the greatest job...#1-it gets really hot inside and #2-it's not the most pleasant thing to look at...)The Pig brings treats for all the kids. They all knew it was Levi, so they weren't afraid by any means to tackle him to get the goods! And by goods, I mean the candy :)

Well...I guess not everyone knew it was him...

Bryton, my 16yr old nephew got to be Santa. He had the little ones fooled, but as for his 14yr old sister Mykalin, she knew it was him from a mile away.

Sage. Mykalin. Logan (Mykalin's bestie)
Tag & Marley


...mErRy ChRiStMaS...

We love you ALL and hope you have
a very merry

After spending Christmas Eve with The Yeager's, we picked up Bosa Donuts for an "Elf Treat" for my family tomorrow as we make the rounds with my mom and dad bright and early. We then drove through Downtown Mesa and adored all the decorations and went and walked around the temple grounds to ooo and ahh over the temple lights since we had not done so yet this season. What a better night to go than Christmas Eve too!?

I hope we can all remember the importance in Christmas this Season!!!

(Levi was freezing while walking around the temple and I thought that was very odd since I am always the cold one...well I looked down and saw his 10 bare piggy's. I now know why:} )



Exactly 1 year ago, my sweetheart proposed to me! It was the biggest surprise of my entire life. I am not an easy person to surprise. I have a slight problem or you could say tendency to usually figure it out before it happens...(ask Levi, he can explain his frustrations on I just somehow figure things out). We spent the entire day together on Saturday. It was perfect. It started off with sleeping in until 8 and lounging around for a short while. We got ready and grabbed Jamba Juice before heading out to LC (Last Chance). I have an addiction with that place, it's bad. It had been about a year and half since I had been there, up until a month ago. Now, I can't stop. Whenever I have left over lunch money/my weekly allowance, I just have to go. The deals are ever so tempting. But you have to be a digger, if you're not, you're not going to like shopping there. Levi would very much so appreciate it if I stopped buying sweaters/cardigans and boots. We'll see about that, if they're just too cute or cheap to pass up, I'm going to have to get them. Sorry babe!

After LC, we headed to the Scottsdale Fashion Square. We had to take a slight detour because Mr. Mail Man's vehicle got tipped over. The neighborhood we went thru was darling and this picture was worth the detour.

(for all you non-az people, we DO have fall!!!!)

Scottsdale Fashion Square this time of year is so magical. I love it. The only thing I don't love is that I always get turned around while inside. Thank goodness my husband is a whiz and could walk around that place blindfolded and still not get lost. One of my favorite things to do while there, is to eat at The Nordstrom Cafe. MmmMmmm...We split the Margarita Pizza and the Roma Tomato Basil Soup. The thought of it is mouth watering. And the service there is awesome.

While in Scottsdale, it should be a law that you MUST go to Sprinkles! I got the Coconut (a favorite of mine) and Levi got an Eggnog Spice. I am not an Egg Nog fan what so ever, but this was really good!
We spent the rest of the afternoon stopping by Thrift Stores and Goodwill's. We got some great treasures that I am looking forward to use!

To end our night, we went to where Levi took me on our first date and where we had dinner right before he proposed. Cibo. It's our favorite place. This quaint little old home in downtown Phoenix, with the prettiest detail work all inside. I won't be surprised if our future home resembles the way this place looks. If you have never been to Cibo, it's another MUST. Italian food, with most of the main ingredients shipped from Italy. When you walk into the old home, now restaurant, you will speak to 1 of 2 Italians. Either an older gentleman or short blonde woman. Most likely it will be the gentleman. He has shiny gray hair, tied back in a ponytail, talks really close to your face and has really stinky breath. Haha, it's great. It's a very dim-lit place, it's perfect for the atmosphere. Ask to sit in the little room around the corner to the right. It makes the experience being there that much more magical. However for this night, we sat 1 table away from where we were 1 year ago. I love my Levi. He is everything I could have ever hoped for. We have my ideal marriage and it gets better with each and every day. I am so excited for our traditions to carry on through out the years and to continue going to the same places to celebrate our special memories.
Us 1 year ago.

Us Today.
Not much of a change except I'm a brunette and Levi is skinner!


.Soaking It All In....

My Parents leave 1 week from Tomorrow...
I am trying to soak every last second in with them.
Today my mom and I got to spend some good quality time together.
She helped me get re-introduced to sewing. Yes, I can sew.
She treated the "3 Little Girls" to lunch.
It was probably our last lunch date for 18 months...
Then we did some shopping afterwards-always puts a smile on my face!
I am going to miss my mom and dad tremendously.
Thank Goodness for SKYPE!!!!!!
...Gotta Love Rumbis...



Can I tell you how amazing my beautiful wife Emily is? (If you said, "No" then you will just have to listen and get jealous) Emily is my everything!

I love you for...
The joy you bring to my life
The love that comes from heart every day
The times you scare me, even if I almost die from a heartattack!
The adventures we have shopping at Goodwill and Last Chance
The way you walk and the way you talk
Your craftiness and how it gets better day by day!
The amazing meals you make and for filling my belly!
The little letters that touch my heart and let me know how much you care.
The times when you just want to hold me.
The times when you tell me how much you care about me and how I make you happy.
The support you give me with all my sports!
The willingness to make a funny face
The being the best Aunt in the world!
And most, Emily, I love you for being my eternal companion! You make me feel all funny inside and make me look forward to everyday that we will spend together!

Your Man,


.Delish. {2}

.:Lime Zest Grilled Chicken Sandwiches:.

.....4 Servings.....
...Start to Finish: 32 Min...
You Will Need:

*1/4 cup light mayo
*1/2 teaspoon finely shredded lime peel
*1 medium zucchini-cut lengthwise into 1/4-inch-thick slices
*3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
*4 small skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
*4 whole wheat hamburger buns, split and toasted
*1 medium tomato, thinly sliced

For Lime Zest: In a small bowl, combine mayo and lime peel. Cover and chill until serving time.

Brush both sides of Zucchini with 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce and brush all sides Chicken with 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce.

Grill Chicken for 12-15 Min. Add Zucchini slices for the last 6 minutes of grilling time, turning once. Zucchini should be soft and a lightly browned. If desired, add buns the last few minutes to toast :)

To Serve: Spread Lime Dressing on cut sides of toasted buns. Place Chicken, Tomato slices and Zucchini slices on bun bottoms and Botta Bing Botta Boom!!! You got yourself a fast, easy clean up, and not to mention TASTEY Dinner! (Less than 300 calories per serving!)


.You Win Some...You Lose Some.

I recently took a new job at Robison Ortho. It was a big decision for me to make, something I prayed about for a long time. The opportunity came across my path at the perfect moment. I had a bad day at work, actually it was the worst day I had ever had there, and my good friend Kerby texted me out of the blue and said they were hiring (she use to work there). I took my resume in that following morning and had a working interview that afternoon. I left feeling not too sure about it and was torn about what I should do. I loved where I was and have some amazing friends there. The doctors were awesome and I couldn't come up with enough reasons to quit. It wasn't until Dr. Robison called me 3 different times the next week asking me to come work for him (I turned down his first offer). After I accepted it, that next morning I woke up and had this over coming JOY fill my heart and spirit and that's when I knew I made the right choice. I finally felt ok about everything and was excited and ready to take this next step in life. So yes, I WON some, and I couldn't be anymore happier than I am right now!
I am going to miss all my friends there, 2 of which touched me in different ways every day. It wouldn't have been the same without them there.

If you are wanting BRACES or INVISALIGN, come see me at Robison Orthodontics!!!! My doctor is amazing, the staff is top notch and the office is the nicest office I have ever been in!!! We have 2 office's and our Mesa location is off of Brown&Greenfield, and our Gilbert location is off of Higley and the San Tan 202.

Levi took on The Biggest Loser Challenge at work 2 months ago. It was a $100 buy in. 14 guys entered in the competition(1st Place got $1100, 2nd Place got $300 and 3rd Place got $100). It started October 1st and went until December 1st. Talk about dedication, having to survive through Halloween and Thanksgiving!!! Levi did awesome, I am sooo proud of him! Not going to lie, I had my doubts about him sticking to it. But boy did he prove me wrong! He lost 40 POUNDS!!!!! WOW!!! He looks awesome and is proud of himself as well! All of his clothes now fall off of him and his shirts are just too big...Looks like he's going to be need some new clothes!
Congrats babe!! You did it!!!!!!
(Even if you did get 4th, you're still MY biggest loser :}1st place lost 60pds...)

Here are some BEFORE shots:

And here are the AFTER shots!!!



What am I thankful for? Well...a lot! This year we got to do Thanksgiving 2 1/2 times...Sunday with the Yeager's (at Craig and Elena's. Elena has got to be the most talented interior design woman I know! All of her stuff is so creative and crafty. She is an inspiration to me with how I hope to decorate our future home some day!) Thursday with the Owens, and Friday with Levi's dad and his wife Wendy. They invited us over for left overs for lunch. (So I'm calling it a 1/2 Thanksgiving :}) I am thankful for my awesome brother and sister in-laws on the Yeager side. We seriously have the best time together. Levi has 3 older brothers, and they are all best friends, and the fact that they have fun wives, makes it that much better! We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Yeager side on Sunday since we all had plans on actual Thanksgiving Day. Levi and I were in charge of the rolls, and might I add-they were off the hook! Well at least I think so, and for making them for the first time ever! I think they turned out delicious.

1st Round:
Yeager Thanksgiving & our 1st Thanksgiving as Mr. & Mrs. Yeager!!

My sister in-laws Jana and Elena are the sexiest ladies I have EVER seen!...
London and Nat...

Dog pile on Uncle Scott!!!!
(this may or may not have been my idea...just sayin...)...

I LOVE this man!!! Do you notice what I notice below??? If you don't, you will later this week!

I am Thankful for my parents and for their choice to serve the Lord for 18 months. They are going to get some serious blessings for going out and so will we as their children. I am so excited for them!!! I am also Thankful for their trust in Levi and I with leaving us to take care of their home while they are gone. We have had some good times with being able to share the home with them for the time being before the leave!

2nd Round:
Thanksgiving Day!!! Levi and I went to the gym first thing in the morning (we couldn't do the Turkey Trot because I am not supposed to be running that much, so he was a support and went to the gym instead!) By the time we got home, it was baking and cooking time baby!! We had Thanksgiving over at my parents place. Almost every one was able to make it. Levi and I were again in charge of the rolls, along with Christy and Chris. My mom and dad rented a big Bouncey play house for the kids...and grown ups! It was a HUGE spiderman one, and definetly kept all of the little ones occupied and the inside of the house quiet! After we feasted and let the food sit for a little while, my older sisters and mom organized a relay race. There were 3 different teams. Spouses of course were divided. And of course we still didn't have a digital camera so I got NO pictures of Thanksgiving day...I am hoping to borrow/steal some of my sisters pictures soon! litt

Team "The Others"
(not one of their players had the last name of "Owens")

Afterwards, everyone snacked on left overs (of course), played some settlers, oh and how could I forget all of the football that was on tv...all...day...long...!!!! After everyone left, Levi and I (along with my niece Mykee) watched our 1st Christmas movie together. What a better way to start off Christmas!? Then at midnight, yes you better believe it, we shopped Black Friday!!! We didn't get home until 10am, Levi napped, I got ready and then we were out the rest of the day!! Talk about lack of sleep...But the Tradition of Black Friday is sooo worth it!!!
It was a great day!! By far the best Thanksgiving we've had! I love my family and I love how close we all are. Yes, we can have our differences and not get along some times, but I love all of them and I am so blessed to have some awesome in-laws!!! And especially, I am so grateful for Levi and all that he does for me. He is so patient with me and I wouldn't change one thing about him! He is such an inspiration to me and I look up to him in so many ways! We are growing more as a couple every single day and I am so lucky to have him by my side!!!