What am I thankful for? Well...a lot! This year we got to do Thanksgiving 2 1/2 times...Sunday with the Yeager's (at Craig and Elena's. Elena has got to be the most talented interior design woman I know! All of her stuff is so creative and crafty. She is an inspiration to me with how I hope to decorate our future home some day!) Thursday with the Owens, and Friday with Levi's dad and his wife Wendy. They invited us over for left overs for lunch. (So I'm calling it a 1/2 Thanksgiving :}) I am thankful for my awesome brother and sister in-laws on the Yeager side. We seriously have the best time together. Levi has 3 older brothers, and they are all best friends, and the fact that they have fun wives, makes it that much better! We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Yeager side on Sunday since we all had plans on actual Thanksgiving Day. Levi and I were in charge of the rolls, and might I add-they were off the hook! Well at least I think so, and for making them for the first time ever! I think they turned out delicious.

1st Round:
Yeager Thanksgiving & our 1st Thanksgiving as Mr. & Mrs. Yeager!!

My sister in-laws Jana and Elena are the sexiest ladies I have EVER seen!...
London and Nat...

Dog pile on Uncle Scott!!!!
(this may or may not have been my idea...just sayin...)...

I LOVE this man!!! Do you notice what I notice below??? If you don't, you will later this week!

I am Thankful for my parents and for their choice to serve the Lord for 18 months. They are going to get some serious blessings for going out and so will we as their children. I am so excited for them!!! I am also Thankful for their trust in Levi and I with leaving us to take care of their home while they are gone. We have had some good times with being able to share the home with them for the time being before the leave!

2nd Round:
Thanksgiving Day!!! Levi and I went to the gym first thing in the morning (we couldn't do the Turkey Trot because I am not supposed to be running that much, so he was a support and went to the gym instead!) By the time we got home, it was baking and cooking time baby!! We had Thanksgiving over at my parents place. Almost every one was able to make it. Levi and I were again in charge of the rolls, along with Christy and Chris. My mom and dad rented a big Bouncey play house for the kids...and grown ups! It was a HUGE spiderman one, and definetly kept all of the little ones occupied and the inside of the house quiet! After we feasted and let the food sit for a little while, my older sisters and mom organized a relay race. There were 3 different teams. Spouses of course were divided. And of course we still didn't have a digital camera so I got NO pictures of Thanksgiving day...I am hoping to borrow/steal some of my sisters pictures soon! litt

Team "The Others"
(not one of their players had the last name of "Owens")

Afterwards, everyone snacked on left overs (of course), played some settlers, oh and how could I forget all of the football that was on tv...all...day...long...!!!! After everyone left, Levi and I (along with my niece Mykee) watched our 1st Christmas movie together. What a better way to start off Christmas!? Then at midnight, yes you better believe it, we shopped Black Friday!!! We didn't get home until 10am, Levi napped, I got ready and then we were out the rest of the day!! Talk about lack of sleep...But the Tradition of Black Friday is sooo worth it!!!
It was a great day!! By far the best Thanksgiving we've had! I love my family and I love how close we all are. Yes, we can have our differences and not get along some times, but I love all of them and I am so blessed to have some awesome in-laws!!! And especially, I am so grateful for Levi and all that he does for me. He is so patient with me and I wouldn't change one thing about him! He is such an inspiration to me and I look up to him in so many ways! We are growing more as a couple every single day and I am so lucky to have him by my side!!!


  1. ahhhh you guys are so freakin cute!! love it. and LOVVVVVEEEE YOUUUUU!!!!

  2. Celebrating the same holiday multiple times is the only way to go!! Glad you enjoyed it!!

  3. seriously, that sounds like the best way to spend thanksgiving! We missed our family this year, but it all turned out to be okay.

  4. I dont know if you've announced this or thats why you say "do you notice what i notice below" maybe i'm WAY off but i think you're prego and thats why you couldnt go running!! CLear that up for me if i'm completely pulling things out of thin air :)