.Fun in Purgatory.

A couple weekends ago we got the opportunity to go snowboarding with our friends in Durrango, Colorado. Chris and Mysha's sister has a place right there on Purgatory Mtn and it was goregous. I never thought in a million years thought I would get to stay somewhere that you literally walk out the door and you're right there, ready to board! And to top things off, best snow we have ever boarded in. Going through the tree's and back country in powder up to your knee's, making new tracks, and having it  be soundless with every move you make. Peaceful really.
 The Lodge

 It snowed all day on the 2nd day
 Which resulted to this on the 3rd day!
Great trip. Great memories. Great friends. And no broken bones like our last years trip.
Looking forward to next year!


.Newest Addition.

Roxie is here! {named after my Grandma Roxie} Born 2/17/11 at 3:30am.
Her and her cancer free daddy, my brother Spencer.
Congrats on #4 and your 1st little girl brother. And congrats on beating cancer half way through your treatments, 3 weeks before Roxie was born. A beautiful miracle. We love you!


.Valentines Getaway.

Mister had Valentines weekend all planned and kept it a complete secret the entire time. 
I am so proud of him. And maybe for the 3rd time in a our marriage, I didn't figure out what the surprise was!
Alexa, Darryn, Lyss and Owen were in on the surprise the entire time.
Props to all 5 of them for keeping their lips zipped tight!
We were "supposed" to go to Scottsdale, but ended up driving a few more extra hours and ended up in Huntington! Our fabulous friends {who really are the best of the best} let us stay with them once again!
We went to Disneyland, California Adventure, the beach, and time together.
Sooo excited to be on vacation!!
Alyssa and Owen came into town from San Fran too!
Such a stud! For a 2yr old, he was rocking that Razor too! 
Look at his lips!!!!!
 We love the Lane's. Even tho we live in different states, they are some of our dearest friends. I love that.
 California Adventure Toy Story ride! So fun
 Happiest Place on Earth


.Take Me to the Park.

The board park that is!
After Susie and Bill got married, they rented out this massive home up in Flagstaff for the entire family to go up and spend some time together for a few days. I think this was the first family vacation we've done since I have been a Yeager and I loved every moment of it!
The adults (minus Scott and Jana, plus Jordan) went snowboarding on one of the days. It was a blast! The snow wasn't the greatest, ok it was horrible, but it felt good to go riding again. We spent a majority part of the day in the park. Less crowded and the snow was a lot better. Me, thinking I am still young and careless, hit the 2nd hardest box there was. And as I was coming to the end, I freaked myself out and wiped out so bad. I hit my shin, like a double hit. It's still tender and there is still a bump. In result to hitting my shin, for some reason my entire foot and ankle went purple, black, green and blue the next week and stayed that way for a few weeks.  
The trip was a blast and I loved getting to spend time with everyone in the same place, with no where to go. It was so great!


.Happy Ground Hog's Day!.

The history of Ground Hog's Day for the Owens fam...

Grandad Orr & Grandma Roxie started celebrating this day over 50yrs ago by cookin up some tasty Ground Hog and inviting all of their neighbor's and ward members over for breakfast every.single.year.

My parents continued on the tradition when they got married and have not missed a year since! My childhood is very blurry to me for some reason, except for Ground Hog's Day. My parents would invite everyone they knew over and easily 100+ people came. Even if they didn't get an invite, they would still know where and when to come! {Open door policy} I would invite friends over {Hillary and Allison were the first that I can remember and came every year}, go to school late every single year and now I even ask to come into work late. I mean come on, it's GROUND HOGS DAY!!! Hello...Owens National Holiday, duh!

{my parents serving Ground Hog to all of the Elder's this morning in Canada}