.Happy Ground Hog's Day!.

The history of Ground Hog's Day for the Owens fam...

Grandad Orr & Grandma Roxie started celebrating this day over 50yrs ago by cookin up some tasty Ground Hog and inviting all of their neighbor's and ward members over for breakfast every.single.year.

My parents continued on the tradition when they got married and have not missed a year since! My childhood is very blurry to me for some reason, except for Ground Hog's Day. My parents would invite everyone they knew over and easily 100+ people came. Even if they didn't get an invite, they would still know where and when to come! {Open door policy} I would invite friends over {Hillary and Allison were the first that I can remember and came every year}, go to school late every single year and now I even ask to come into work late. I mean come on, it's GROUND HOGS DAY!!! Hello...Owens National Holiday, duh!

{my parents serving Ground Hog to all of the Elder's this morning in Canada}

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  1. What a fun tradition! I think it's darling that they did it with their missionaries too. Your parents are so cute.