.Across the Country.

Levi and I have been married for 14 months and I have never met anyone on his extended family on either side.
Until now.
Grandma Jane Yeager, Aunt Vicki, Uncle Tom and cousin Ty flew in from Flordia for my Father in-law Steve's 60th birthday.
Vicki and Tom are my Father in-laws only 2 siblings and Ty is his only nephew-no nieces-.
It is crazy to me because I had 40+ cousins on my dad side and since I am one of the youngest ones, I can't even tell you the names of the older cousins!
I was so happy to finally meet Levi's Grandma, Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. Grandma Jane is 91 and still as active as ever! Everyone is going kayaking today down the Salt River with Steve, and Grandma Jane decided and was fully convinced she was going to go...to her disappointment however, she's not.
We had a good time catching up and getting to know each other. I am hoping it won't be too long when we get to see them again. Hmmm...maybe Levi and I will just have to take another trip out to Flordia and stay with them...heehee.

Grandma Jane and Levi
 and I know...I am a failure and didn't get a picture of Uncle Tom


.Glitter Toes.

pic borrowed from google.com/images

$20 Adults
$15  12&Younger
Host a party with at least 6 girls,
and get yours done for free!

They last aprox. 6 weeks.
They don't chip, perfect for all the summer swimming.
My product doesn't fade in color-unlike Martha Stewart Glitter.
And they're simply to.die.for!
And when I say GLITTER, I mean GLITTER!!!

I have still appts available still for tomorrow.
Next Glitter/Pedi/Mani Dates:
Monday 31st
Friday 11th
Saturday 12th
Monday 14th
Saturday 19th

email me at eoyeager@yahoo.com to make your appt. or text:)

.The Beast.

Every night, right before bedtime, we go hunting.
I have this theory that the more we capture and kill outside, the less that will come inside.
And so far, my theory is working!!!
Also, we have gone a few nights scaring them away apparently bc we haven't found any!
And that makes me extremely happy. 

Dear inventor of The Black Light-i love you.
I am pretty sure the Beast on the left is was prego.
The jar is my weapon. 
Ugh I can't believe I even get that close to any of the Beast's.
Black Light-check
Cotton Pliers/My Mom's sewing tweezers-check.
Rubbing Alcohol-check
Levi prepping the Beast torture circle
Burn BEAST....BURN!!!!
And that's how we Levi get rid of the Beast.
You can hear them squeel if you listen close enough-so gross I know.
Their venom reeks too...
Disclaimer-Levi would never get this close...the Beast is dead.

anyone else getting jumpy right now and having itchy skin thinking they have Beast's crawling around?


.twenty four.

Another year...here goes nothing!
I am excited to be 24, I have a good feeling that a lot is going to happen this year. 
As I looked back at all of the pictures and memories from the past 365 days, it made me think that I really am living my life to the fullest. I could do things to make it better and that is what I plan on focusing on doing this go around. Thank you to all my wonderful family and friends who have always been there for me, and especially my husband who has helped me become who I am. I wouldn't be the girl I am without. You are everything to me and I am the luckiest girl in the world to call you mine.

We headed to California for my birthday this year! 
The night before my birthday, we went to dinner at Tia Rosa's with some of our friends.
Thank you all who were able to be there!
The Girls
Sarah left before we took pictures.

The difference in 365 days
Me: style of shoes, pants, and belt.
Levi: same watch and left hand placement.
Me: hair color and bangs.
Levi: 30pds lighter now.

On my birthday morning, we woke up and Levi surprised me some gifts that I was very excited about. A new dress, necklace, earrings, belt and cardigan. Thanks love!
After getting ready and bags packed, we headed to my/our favorite breakfast spot. Cracker Barrel. 
Then I insisted we make a stop at Last Chance. I mean, what would my birthday be without stopping there!?
And since we were in the neighborhood-sorta-we went to Sprinkles. Great road trip treat!
We got into Huntington at 7pm. Our amazing friends Alexa and Darryn let us stay with them for the weekend. Thank You!!! Pretty sure we'll be back staying with them soon!

We went to Fred's Mexican Cafe&Cantina for dinner and sat outside so we could watch the Sunset.
It was a perfect way to end my birthday.

Friday: Six Flags. 
First stop-X2!
The weather was perfect and the lines weren't bad at all!

Saturday we did a few Goodwill stops-of course-4 to be exact. California Goodwills have the best finds. We were both in heaven.
We met up and played with Alexa, Darryn and their son Jack and played with them the rest of the day.
I don't know about the rest of you, but we love people watching, and the beach had some of the best I had seen in a really long time.
We went to the Sugar Shack for breakfast 2 of the mornings. And I must say, their Biscuits and Gravy are exceptional! They taste exactly like my moms. Soooo good! But, they only serve them on Sat&Sun. 

Here's to another 365 days and fun, love, and adventures!!!


.My Birthday Present from Pied Piper.

A few weeks ago my hubs was looking at Pied Piper and noticed that she was doing 1 last photo shoot before she headed back to England. So what did he do? He instantly emailed her, wrote a cute little message to her about me (i need to get that email from the hubs...) and paid her via pay pal.
Next, he took me shopping for a new outfit for the shoot. We went into J.Crew and had the personal shopper literally dress me. I literally felt and looked like I stepped right out of the J.Crew spring catalogue. Best feeling in the world.
I had Hills and Court do my hair and make up. Well done ladies, you almost exceed my expectations and want to hire you both as my weekend(s) stylists.
Pictures wouldn't get back to us for about 3-4 weeks. And today, Pied Piper out did herself! She posted 3 pictures of me just because it's my BiRtHdAy!! Thank you Linds, best most unexpected present ever. You're work is unreal and I had so much fun working with you. You truly made me feel like a million bucks while shooting with you! I highly suggest you all go check her out.


shout out to my brother in-laws Rick(owens side)&Ted(yeager side)-Happy Birthday to you guys!!


.Quick Trip.

We love Rocky Point. 
We love Rocky Point even more so when we get invited to stay in our buddies Condo for the weekend for FREE. I love that it is only 3 1/2hrs away from the beach and a laid back atmosphere. I always look forward to the street taco's, potato taco's on the beach, mango's (probably had 4 this trip by myself) and getting a nice golden tan. 
I thought I would include some pictures from when Levi and I were just dating about a year and a half ago to compare what we looked like then, to now. At that point in our relationship, it was either proceed or break up. Of course we kept going strong, and it was finally the 1st trip that I took with a boyfriend that we didn't break up afterwards! Woohoo go me!!
  i guess that's not the best thing to brag about...Levi was/is just that amazing to put up with me!

makes me miss my blonde hair...

Pretty sure this was round #3 of Taco's in approx 5hrs.

It's not a trip to Rocky Point without a run to Super Ley for breakfast. 
1st stop, bakery. Never fails to impress me with their goodness.
.jack sparrow.

Order Up!

Potato Taco's. You get 5 for like $4!

Sportin our new stunna shades

never a dull moment with us

This particular weekend was not only a volleyball tournament (reason why we went down there, to support our friends) but it was also the Rocky Point Triathlon. We walked down to the starting line and watched all of the athlete's start the first part of the race. The swim. Then we walked over to where they got out of the water to start the run, or bike...I have not the slighest idea. Right as we were about to go back to the volleyball tournament, we ran into my boss and his wife and kids!! Small world it is I tell ya. We saw them again later that day and hung out for a bit. Levi was entertained by their 4 kids. Esp the 2 youngest. Crew and Bliss.

Bliss had Levi wrapped around her littler finger...

She even talked Levi into carrying her out of the pool, still in her raft, back to the top of the slide, just so she didn't A:have to touch the water by getting out of the pool and B:walk all the way back up.
Levi was so cute with her. I couldn't help but think about how he will be with our little kids. He is going to make the best dad.

Love this.

Crew showin off his guns.


.PhOtO ShOoT GiVeAwAy.

My darling friend Jylare, one of my favorites and most missed friend from Utah is having an amazing giveaway. She lives in Orange County and is an amazing photographer. I had done many shoots with her when we were in college, helping her put her portfolio together. She was talented then and is now more so than ever unbelievable!!
My Levi and I are going to California this weekend for my birthday and what a better birthday present than to win this giveaway AND get to see my long lost friend!?  (that is if she can ever squeeze us in this weekend! if not, I would be more than happy to make another trip out there).
So if you live in Orange County, or will be in Orange County in the upcoming months enter her giveaway. And for those who don't live in OC, check her out.


.Aunt Emmy Night.

Levi went camping with his brothers and nephew Friday night for father's and sons. And well...let's face it. I am a girl and I HATE being left home alone. ever since 8th grade after Alyssa's birthday party...it has haunted me ever since...pathetic I know. So I called up some of my favorite 4 Little Ladies, and had a G.N.O. They are my oldest nieces, and could basically be my little sisters since I lack in that area.
Did a little shopping-bought them each a necklace from F21.
Took them for their 1st time experience with Pazookies- we  they inhaled 3 of them!
Stayed up way too late watching Chick Flicks.
Didn't sleep in as long as needed.
Treated them each to a pedi by yours truly.
It was through and through a Girls Night Out for sure.

I apparently didn't get the memo about wearing my Vans. 

Pretty sure I wasn't this cute when I was their age. I am actually positive I wasn't.

...Jayden 12...Mykee 14...Sage 13...Madi 12...

Love these ladies and I cannot wait to start doing more weekend nights with them! I am so lucky to live within 40 minutes of everyone in my family. I need to take advantage of it more before we start having babies. (don't get any idea's tho....Levi says "no babies until your Mother is home"-don't blame him tho-. So that's AT LEAST 14 months away. Ahh it can't come soon enough!! I am just  a little baby hungry...just a little.)


.GiVe AWaY!!!!.

Summer is here people!!! And that means lots of pool side time will be taking place. Which also means, us girls need to stock up on some new swim wear, right?! Go to this Darling's blog for your chance to win a new swimsuit from DEB!!!
Good Luck everyone!! Whoever wins, will be looking ever so cute in their new pool side outfit!