.PhOtO ShOoT GiVeAwAy.

My darling friend Jylare, one of my favorites and most missed friend from Utah is having an amazing giveaway. She lives in Orange County and is an amazing photographer. I had done many shoots with her when we were in college, helping her put her portfolio together. She was talented then and is now more so than ever unbelievable!!
My Levi and I are going to California this weekend for my birthday and what a better birthday present than to win this giveaway AND get to see my long lost friend!?  (that is if she can ever squeeze us in this weekend! if not, I would be more than happy to make another trip out there).
So if you live in Orange County, or will be in Orange County in the upcoming months enter her giveaway. And for those who don't live in OC, check her out.

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  1. You guys are so cute! So glad you found your sweetheart!