.The Beast.

Every night, right before bedtime, we go hunting.
I have this theory that the more we capture and kill outside, the less that will come inside.
And so far, my theory is working!!!
Also, we have gone a few nights scaring them away apparently bc we haven't found any!
And that makes me extremely happy. 

Dear inventor of The Black Light-i love you.
I am pretty sure the Beast on the left is was prego.
The jar is my weapon. 
Ugh I can't believe I even get that close to any of the Beast's.
Black Light-check
Cotton Pliers/My Mom's sewing tweezers-check.
Rubbing Alcohol-check
Levi prepping the Beast torture circle
Burn BEAST....BURN!!!!
And that's how we Levi get rid of the Beast.
You can hear them squeel if you listen close enough-so gross I know.
Their venom reeks too...
Disclaimer-Levi would never get this close...the Beast is dead.

anyone else getting jumpy right now and having itchy skin thinking they have Beast's crawling around?


  1. Oh my GROSSSSS!! The pictures give me the creeps. I HATE scorpions!

  2. ok this post is making me itchy...i feel sorry for you guys having so many of these bad boys!

  3. EWWW! But I'm so glad that you are seeing less and less of them!!