.Aunt Emmy Night.

Levi went camping with his brothers and nephew Friday night for father's and sons. And well...let's face it. I am a girl and I HATE being left home alone. ever since 8th grade after Alyssa's birthday party...it has haunted me ever since...pathetic I know. So I called up some of my favorite 4 Little Ladies, and had a G.N.O. They are my oldest nieces, and could basically be my little sisters since I lack in that area.
Did a little shopping-bought them each a necklace from F21.
Took them for their 1st time experience with Pazookies- we  they inhaled 3 of them!
Stayed up way too late watching Chick Flicks.
Didn't sleep in as long as needed.
Treated them each to a pedi by yours truly.
It was through and through a Girls Night Out for sure.

I apparently didn't get the memo about wearing my Vans. 

Pretty sure I wasn't this cute when I was their age. I am actually positive I wasn't.

...Jayden 12...Mykee 14...Sage 13...Madi 12...

Love these ladies and I cannot wait to start doing more weekend nights with them! I am so lucky to live within 40 minutes of everyone in my family. I need to take advantage of it more before we start having babies. (don't get any idea's tho....Levi says "no babies until your Mother is home"-don't blame him tho-. So that's AT LEAST 14 months away. Ahh it can't come soon enough!! I am just  a little baby hungry...just a little.)


  1. what a fun aunt you are!

    those girls are darling and look way too old!

  2. so much fun! they are all soooo gorgeous!! i cannot believe mykee. i remember when she was like 5! you all look so much alike.

  3. What a fun aunt you are! And those girls are way too cute!

    So jealous about your two cruises!!