.Quick Trip.

We love Rocky Point. 
We love Rocky Point even more so when we get invited to stay in our buddies Condo for the weekend for FREE. I love that it is only 3 1/2hrs away from the beach and a laid back atmosphere. I always look forward to the street taco's, potato taco's on the beach, mango's (probably had 4 this trip by myself) and getting a nice golden tan. 
I thought I would include some pictures from when Levi and I were just dating about a year and a half ago to compare what we looked like then, to now. At that point in our relationship, it was either proceed or break up. Of course we kept going strong, and it was finally the 1st trip that I took with a boyfriend that we didn't break up afterwards! Woohoo go me!!
  i guess that's not the best thing to brag about...Levi was/is just that amazing to put up with me!

makes me miss my blonde hair...

Pretty sure this was round #3 of Taco's in approx 5hrs.

It's not a trip to Rocky Point without a run to Super Ley for breakfast. 
1st stop, bakery. Never fails to impress me with their goodness.
.jack sparrow.

Order Up!

Potato Taco's. You get 5 for like $4!

Sportin our new stunna shades

never a dull moment with us

This particular weekend was not only a volleyball tournament (reason why we went down there, to support our friends) but it was also the Rocky Point Triathlon. We walked down to the starting line and watched all of the athlete's start the first part of the race. The swim. Then we walked over to where they got out of the water to start the run, or bike...I have not the slighest idea. Right as we were about to go back to the volleyball tournament, we ran into my boss and his wife and kids!! Small world it is I tell ya. We saw them again later that day and hung out for a bit. Levi was entertained by their 4 kids. Esp the 2 youngest. Crew and Bliss.

Bliss had Levi wrapped around her littler finger...

She even talked Levi into carrying her out of the pool, still in her raft, back to the top of the slide, just so she didn't A:have to touch the water by getting out of the pool and B:walk all the way back up.
Levi was so cute with her. I couldn't help but think about how he will be with our little kids. He is going to make the best dad.

Love this.

Crew showin off his guns.


  1. i like your brown hair better :)

  2. p.s. when are we going to rocky point together? the last time i went was with you in high school!

  3. awesome awesome awesome!

    you two are sure living it up before you have kids, and i majorly applaud you for that. you two are a FUN FUN couple! gorgeous pics. i love your brown hair too. when are we gonna get together so i can show you my scorpion catching ways? haha

  4. This makes me miss your blonde hair too! I like the brown though :)

  5. Um Fun!!! I love those kids. Also guess what? I'm coming to AZ on the 25th. :D

  6. Also When It says Kelli, it is as in Kristen's Kelli not some scary stalker Kelli :D I miss you guys!