.Head Quarter's Make Over. {Bathroom}

About a month ago I posted about a bathroom we we're re-doing in my parents house.
I was so excited to get rid of the 80's and 90's look it had.
Little did I know how much work it was going to take!
Note to self: Never use wallpaper on anything...
The before's are posted here
and here are the during and after's!!!

(ps: sorry about the not so perfectly focused photo's...our nice camera was dropped by my curious 22month old nephew....)

Lots and lots of sandpapering...
and more...
and more of it.

I don't know what is more dreadful, the wall paper removal and touch up of the walls, or having to tape off and then go back over everything with a teeny tiny paint brush for all the touch ups from where the tape didn't do it's job.
We had a great time doing it and if we had a bigger budget we would have done more! We are pretty proud of the way it turned it out. Thank you everyone for your input!
Paint Color is Eucalyptus Leaf by Behr at Home Depot.
I also got the color idea here. Thanks Court!




This next before/after is my favorite part of the bathroom 
Tile Floor, make all the difference in the world!



Everyday is an adventure with this man. He always has smile on his face and something up his sleeve.

He will always do anything asked of him right at the moment of being asked. Even when he is in the middle of playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

He is a bigger person than me and I envy that about him. So selfless. Always looking for ways to serve and make everyone happy. 

I've never seen someone who picks up friends or family members tab before/after as often as he does.

He usually has a weekly surprise awaiting my arrival after work. Really? What husband does that!? And they are really good surprises too.

He has an eye for the right things and catches me off guard time and time again. 

Give him a sport or any game and he'll be the best at it. Even if he has never played. kinda makes me jealous...

We may not be "The Perfect Couple" and we have our flaws, but because of him I am a better person who is striving every day to become the wife he deserves and the future mother of his children that I dream about.

In my mind, I have won the JaCkPoT because I have Stephen Levi Yeager {SLY} in my life. 


.Tucson's Finest Dining.

Levi and I took a quick trip down to Tucson on Friday night for a friends reception. Tucson is very, well, boring? There is nothing there that makes me want to go back. Is that bad? It just isn't a very pretty city to me, not my ideal way to spend a Friday Night/Saturday Morning. BUT we did have a good time together, and that's what matters!
We stayed with our buddy at his parents house. They're back yard had the most green I found Tucson to offer. It was my ideal back yard (minus a pool of course). Had little walk ways all around, huge tree's, benches and cute backyard seating under the shade and a big back porch patio.

Before we left on Saturday we had a few Must Stop's.

Must Stop #1
El Guero Canelo-Brittany's recommendation!
Famous for their hot dogs and they were tastey! The Sonoran is insane, wrapped in bacon, topped with pinto beans, jalapeno sauce, tomato's and mustard. Sounds a little weird I know, but they are oh so good!!

Must Stop #2
Eegee's-Levi's request!
It is a sub place, but they have this AH-mazing icey's as well. I got the watermelon/pina colada and Levi got the watermelon/mango. Delicious. Perfect for the dry summer heat and our drive back home!
Cheer's to Tucson!


.Delish. {6}

.:Acqua Pazza:.

You Will Need:

4 Fish Filets-(we have used both Halibut and Tilapia)
4 Parsely Springs
1 Spring Marjoram-I couldn't find this at the 3 stores I went to, so if you can't find it no stress
1 Fennel
2 Garlic Cloves-thinly sliced
1 tsp Red Pepper Flakes
1 Medium/Large Yellow Onion
1/4c. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/2c. Prepared Tomato Sauce-like spaghetti sauce
1/2 pint Grape/Cherry Tomato's
Salt and Pepper to season

Baking Directions:

Preheat Oven to 350 degree's

Heat olive oil until smoking. Add parsely, marjoram, fennel, garlic, red peppers and onion. Saute for 1min.

Reduce heat to low, place Filets on top of mixture, add Tomato Sauce and Tomato's, season with Salt and Pepper. Cover with lid and let cook for 15min.

Place entire pan in preheated oven and bake for 15-20min or until fish is firm.


.A Taste of Mexico.

Levi and I love Mexican food. And I can honestly say that is what we eat 80% of the time we go out for dinner. I am such a sucker for good legit Mexican food too. I had read on 2 of my other friends blogs about this backyard Mexican restaurant and knew I just had to try it.
We got together with the Yeates and Lindblom's to experience it with us.
You literally walk right into their backyard, choose a seat and they come take your order! Everything is carne asada, and you HAVE to try the potato, trust me on this one. I have tried all tho, and everything is so very tasty.
And for their mango dessert/treat, that is what's in our cups=delightful.
Also, I highly advise you NOT to sit in the garage. It is hotter then all get out.
We have been there every weekend since our 1st time going annnnd I plan on going back this weekend!
What are the chances that 2 of my best friend's are both named Emily?!

Directions to Backyard Mexican Restaurant:
North on Stapley
West on 8th St
Then take your 1st Left and it's the 2nd house on the Left
You can't miss it, there is always a ton of cars out side and parked in the front yard.
Friday&Saturday's 5pm-Midnight



hi, i am emily.
and i love diet coke.
it is my only vice when i am trying to diet.
and if i could have 2, it would be diet coke and chips and salsa. mmmmm
for the most part tho, i'll take a diet coke
preferably from this place:
every time i drive past one of these, my car just automatically pulls into a parking spot right up front.
and i always have 75 cents to pay for a 32oz
purified fountain soda+crushed ice+styrofoam cups=AZ dream.

then it happened. july 1st, 2010, 10am. scottsdale, az
i am waiting for the results of my knee MRI.
dr waslewski walks in, and gives me the good news
i just have tendonitis and have to wear a band around my knee when working out, thats it!

well then i had a word vomit
a word that i didn't want to bring up
i asked him if my daily dose of diet coke would have a part with my knee pain
he said yes
uhhhhhh WHAT!?!!!!!!
he explained to me that diet soda (and regular soda) has phosphate+calcium or phophate+something.
well you pee out the phosphate along with the calcium or other substance that your body needs and it can cause easier bone breakage when you are older. (like 60+ older, but knowing me and my bones probably much sooner) 
he went on and told me that teenagers/college students who drink diet soda after diet soda stunt the calcium level that your body needs. and if i want all of my levels at the peek they need to be when i turn 30, i need to discontinue drinking my daily DC now...
 Dr. Waslewski did say i could have one periodically.
so i will start leaning off of them by going to Soda Saturday's only and then once i am strong enough, i will only have one periodically.
but you know what, if going off of DC will cure my joint problems and help me to keep my body strong, then that is just a.o.k. with me. i'd rather go off of the DC then get another surgery that's for sure!