.Working for a Goal.


My niece Mykee is probably one of the most inspiring teenagers I know. I don't know if I had it in me when I was 15 to work as hard as she does to achieve what is most important to her. What she sacrifices for what she loves most is amazing to me.
She is 15, going into her Sophmore Year of High School, taking 7 credits each semester (4 of which are honors). 
She is the 1st counselor in her Laurel/Mia Maid class. 
She dances 7 hours a week at her studio and is in Senior Company, which is the highest and oldest level.
She teaches dance during the school year 3 hours a week at her house (and does a recital at the end of every quarter).
And she is on her school dance team and has anywhere from 1-4hrs extra rehearsal every week.

The most amazing part about all of this, she is a straight A student and pays for EVERYTHING!! Her dance tuition, her competitions (and costumes), her clothes, her cell phone, and everything that she wants to go and do with her friends. 
Do you know many 15yr olds like her?? Because I don't. She really is a best friend to everyone she meets and is a bundle of joy to be around. Always positive and upbeat, and works hard to achieve her goals.
In order to keep up doing what she loves most (which is dance if you couldn't tell) and continue to be in her Senior Company at her dance studio, she has been babysitting like crazy to pay for everything! I even recently hired her to come clean my house, and let me tell you...she worked hard for her money. She even told me to be honest with her and to make sure I was happy with everything and boy was I ever!!
She is an incredible babysitter. Kids are drawn to her and love her. She has 3 weeks of summer left and is trying to get as many babysitting jobs as possible before she goes into full speed mode. 
She does a Kid Day Camp once a week out of her home. You drop your kid/kids off for 4hrs, pay $15 per kid, and go run your errands kid free!! In those 4hrs she teaches them a cute little dance routine, takes them on a picnic to the park for lunch and then takes them swimming!
If you are looking for a day free of kids, or are in need of a great babysitter for your date night with your honey buns, you won't go wrong with having Mykee babysit for you. Please email/text me if you are interested, she lives in the Gilbert area. 


.Peculiar Baby. {6} Hopeful

It's been one year...sigh...never did I think that I would be that girl in the friend group who had a difficult time getting pregnant, never. I've been healthy my entire life, never have I taken anything to harm my body. So to find myself in this position is so weird, but I am totally ok and at peace with this whole process. I promised myself from the get-go that I wouldn't be "that" girl who complained and cried over not being able to get pregnant as easily as some, however I am human and so I have cried myself a few times and have had to leave a baby shower or two early because it just got too hard for me. I have an amazing big sister to look up to and go to for any questions and advice during this whole process and that has helped me out so much. Every day I want to be more like her.
What's been happening: I have been taking Fermara for 6 months now, with no luck. I told myself I would give it a good solid year before going into a Fertility Specialist. I called at the beginning of July to make an appointment thinking it would take me oh a good 2-3 months to get into Dr. Moffitt at ARMS, but lucky for me they had an opening 9 days later. My big sis had prepped me for the first consultation, which I was very relieved she did or else I am sure I would have been crying like a baby and more emotional than I already was. Her information also helped Dr. M know what type of test he wants to try and run first.
The 1st Initial Consultation: Levi and I sat down with Dr. M in his office for about 45minutes, going over different options. The best case scenario's and the worst case scenario's. (To be honest, I wasn't ready to hear the worst case, so I let that go in one ear and out the other. I figure we will cross that path if needed and prep for it at that time.) After the consultation he did a full exam to make sure everything was good and healthy before continuing on with future treatments, I passed with flying colors-phew. We will be starting with the basics, as I expected. I have a procedure that has to be done on a "certain" day of the month, which just so happens to be tomorrow, (sorry boss for the last minute notice) along with blood work. Levi and I both have to take antibiotics tonight and tomorrow morning, for what reason I am not sure of, but they said it puts us one step closer, so I said okay! Then after my procedure tomorrow, I will go in again in about 2-3 weeks to have more test done, ultrasounds and blood work. (That is of course if I am not preggers)
After leaving Dr. M's office I felt very reassured and hopeful. Knowing that everything really is going to be ok. The nurse had a lot of information to tell me and paper work to read. She also reassured me that I don't have to memorize everything, and that they will go through step by step with me at each appointment so I am never feeling confused. Those 90minutes were like a job interview, you go in so anxious and nervous that when you leave you can hardly remember what was said! At least that is how I felt anyway :) Luckily Levi was there for everything and has a better memory than I do. But that is also why I feel that it is important for me to write about it, so I can remember and help others go through what I am going through.
I know there can be dozens of reason on why I haven't been able to go pregnant yet. We have checked everything off the list that we could have done and that is why we have chosen to go see a specialist. The awesome thing about this whole process is tho, I know without a doubt that it is 100% the Lord's timing. Some may say that they will just let nature take it's course, and that it totally fine. But for me,  I feel  that Heavenly Father put these incredible doctors here on earth to help us learn and grow through these hard times. And to help us find answers. I have learned a lot the past 12 months and have been so thankful for every trial that has been put in my path. I have an incredible husband who is so loving, positive and supportive through it all.
I have a 100% chance of becoming a mom, and that to me is the greatest blessing to look forward to. (Thanks C&C for that)


.One Year Older and Wiser Too.

My main Man is 30!!!!! And boy does it look good on him! I love him so much. He really is my right hand, my better half, the one who helps calm me when I stress out for no reason. And he is just darn right funny and the sexiest man I know!
We had a fabulous day of celebrations. Breakfast. Shopping. Surprise Golf Day with his Brothers. And a not so great surprise Birthday BBQ party-sorry babe! We will do Flow Ryder some day soon, I promise!!

30 Things

1. He could eat donuts everyday
2. He would play golf everyday if time and money would allow him
3. He can live without his phone-maybe used it twice when we where in Hawaii for 10 days.
4. Has an obsession with watches
5. He is extremely gIood at tennis
6. He plays on a softball league year round
7. He is more in love with Last Chance than I am
8. He eats Hot Tamales in every movie
9. He is very organized
10. He hated diet soda until we got engaged
11. He likes to have conversations with people in grocery store lines
12. He has a habit of leaving a trail of shoes behind him
13. He can't stand the sound of nails being filed
14. He had bleached blonde hair in High School (just like Zac Morris)
15. He likes to change out his vehicles every 6-8 months
16. He was on the Wheel of Fortune
17. In the 5th grade he went to Skate Land on a weekly basis
18. His favorite song growing up was "The Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing
19. He sleep talks all the time
20. He has won 2 dance contests
21. He likes tell me he bought me a gift and then hides it for me to find. Pure torture
22. He is the youngest of 4 boys
23. He is a pro at telling stories and making people laugh
24. He knows tons of random facts
25. He gets really bad hiccups when food is too spicy
26. He broke his leg 6 years ago playing soccer
27. He is amazing at parallel parking
28. He tried out for American Idol
29. He can't and won't clean hair out of the drain
30. He speaks the best spanish I have ever heard

I really lucked out marrying such an amazing guy. He knows just how to push my buttons and make me laugh at my craziness minutes later. I grow from him every day. We aren't perfect by any means, but we fit each other so well. Nothing stresses him out and it drives me nuts, because the smallest things make me go crazy. He keeps me so grounded and reminds me everyday to just breathe. I love this man so much and can't wait to spend eternity with him.


.Memorial Day.

Levi has many, many great skills. One of them being Softball. He has been playing with the same team for 5 years now and every year they compete in the annual Memorial Day Softball Tourney up in Showlow/Snowflake area. It's always a nice excuse to escape the "Valley" heat too.
We were in the C league this year (the team sorta did it on purpose...) which made it a lot more fun
for everyone. And the fields were right next to where most the team was staying. Score!
 Two Out Ralley ended up taking 1st, CONGRATS GUYS!!!! Double Score!
 A fun fact for all of you: Levi was born in Showlow, lived there till he was 2, and this street was named after his family. Even tho they spelt it wrong, it's still a pretty coo littlel fact!


.What I Want To Be When I Grow Up.

Where did this number think it came from? 25, ME?...really? Weird...I am officially a Grown Up.

What I thought I would have accomplished by this age: Had a baby or be pregnant, traveled to England/Europe (that has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl), been a YW leader long enough to go to Girls Camp with them, and learn how to sew drapes, pillows, skirts, etc...sigh...

But even tho the above things have not happened-yet-I still have time. I have accomplished so much and I really am grateful for everything that I do have. I am in a good place in my life and feel at peace with the knowledge that everything will happen at the right time. 

What I would life to accomplish by the age 26: Complete a sprint triathlon, sew my own drapes, pillows and chair covers for my house, make my own skirts, continue the tasks needed to have a baby, and have trip planned or have gone a trip to England/Europe/Greece/ANYWHERE over there! All seem pretty do-able to me, right?

Ok lets get to the good stuff, what I did to celebrate my new old age!
San Fransico
My bestfriend Lyss and her husband live out there and were ever so kind to let Levi and I come crash with them for the weekend. It was the best birthday, year.to.date. It really was perfect! Homemade Birthday Breakfast. Gifts from the lover and bestie. Lots of text/FB lovin. A day well spent in The City. Getting my first and last rosary from a Street Bum. Gorging ourselves with many tastey treats all day long. People watching. Shopping. Trolley Riding. Dancing. And to top it off, Lyss gave Levi and I a night in a Hotel-my personal fav. Her and Owen stayed there as well so we could continue our city adventures the next day. (thank you iPhone for being so handy and documenting everything)

(about a month prior to my birthday, we had a little 12 hour layover in SF where we did a lot of first time Must Do's. I would have to say that has been my favorite layover I have ever had)

Dear 25, please be good to me!!!


.Dork Alert.

When is the last time you logged onto your cell phone account online and viewed the old pictures that you some how saved from 5+ years ago? Well if you haven't done it in awhile, you might want to go check them out. It gave me a pretty good little giggle. Pictures from nieces and nephews before they were teenagers...sigh...college days, old boyfriends, girlfriends that I haven't seen in years who are all now married with children, and old pictures of my cute, toned, tight little body that I miss dearly. But to top it off, some awesome pictures of me being a dork and geek beyond belief.
I will share only 1, because the others are just way to embarrassing. Sorry folks.

My very first Orthodontist Assistant Job 4 1/2 years ago.



.From Kors to Bosch.

I traded this:
 For This:
And I have no regrets!
 I figured my Michael Kors handbag would be good for at least a year or more until I have babies and then what? It would probably sit in my closet for the rest of my life and just collect dust.
My Bosch will provide so much more happiness  than a designer handbag would anyway. Plus I have a dual oven now, so the options are endless!
Baking Party anyone??


.Dearest Mal.

Come back!! You came and left way too soon.
We have a room that can be ready, you just make the call.
I miss your whittiness, staying up till wee hours in the morning,
 you cooking us dinner, and  maybe Levi misses Roxie...maybe...
So please just come back to us!!

And MEN: SHE'S SINGLE!!!! Possibly one of the raddest girls I know.
And to top it off, she's a total babe.

.More Tape Please.

How do you kill your spiders? Tape for me, they get stuck and can't move once attached!