.One Year Older and Wiser Too.

My main Man is 30!!!!! And boy does it look good on him! I love him so much. He really is my right hand, my better half, the one who helps calm me when I stress out for no reason. And he is just darn right funny and the sexiest man I know!
We had a fabulous day of celebrations. Breakfast. Shopping. Surprise Golf Day with his Brothers. And a not so great surprise Birthday BBQ party-sorry babe! We will do Flow Ryder some day soon, I promise!!

30 Things

1. He could eat donuts everyday
2. He would play golf everyday if time and money would allow him
3. He can live without his phone-maybe used it twice when we where in Hawaii for 10 days.
4. Has an obsession with watches
5. He is extremely gIood at tennis
6. He plays on a softball league year round
7. He is more in love with Last Chance than I am
8. He eats Hot Tamales in every movie
9. He is very organized
10. He hated diet soda until we got engaged
11. He likes to have conversations with people in grocery store lines
12. He has a habit of leaving a trail of shoes behind him
13. He can't stand the sound of nails being filed
14. He had bleached blonde hair in High School (just like Zac Morris)
15. He likes to change out his vehicles every 6-8 months
16. He was on the Wheel of Fortune
17. In the 5th grade he went to Skate Land on a weekly basis
18. His favorite song growing up was "The Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing
19. He sleep talks all the time
20. He has won 2 dance contests
21. He likes tell me he bought me a gift and then hides it for me to find. Pure torture
22. He is the youngest of 4 boys
23. He is a pro at telling stories and making people laugh
24. He knows tons of random facts
25. He gets really bad hiccups when food is too spicy
26. He broke his leg 6 years ago playing soccer
27. He is amazing at parallel parking
28. He tried out for American Idol
29. He can't and won't clean hair out of the drain
30. He speaks the best spanish I have ever heard

I really lucked out marrying such an amazing guy. He knows just how to push my buttons and make me laugh at my craziness minutes later. I grow from him every day. We aren't perfect by any means, but we fit each other so well. Nothing stresses him out and it drives me nuts, because the smallest things make me go crazy. He keeps me so grounded and reminds me everyday to just breathe. I love this man so much and can't wait to spend eternity with him.

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  1. happy birthday levi!!! so glad you two have eachother, what a perfect match! i hope we cant be neighbors soon!!!!! :-D