.Working for a Goal.


My niece Mykee is probably one of the most inspiring teenagers I know. I don't know if I had it in me when I was 15 to work as hard as she does to achieve what is most important to her. What she sacrifices for what she loves most is amazing to me.
She is 15, going into her Sophmore Year of High School, taking 7 credits each semester (4 of which are honors). 
She is the 1st counselor in her Laurel/Mia Maid class. 
She dances 7 hours a week at her studio and is in Senior Company, which is the highest and oldest level.
She teaches dance during the school year 3 hours a week at her house (and does a recital at the end of every quarter).
And she is on her school dance team and has anywhere from 1-4hrs extra rehearsal every week.

The most amazing part about all of this, she is a straight A student and pays for EVERYTHING!! Her dance tuition, her competitions (and costumes), her clothes, her cell phone, and everything that she wants to go and do with her friends. 
Do you know many 15yr olds like her?? Because I don't. She really is a best friend to everyone she meets and is a bundle of joy to be around. Always positive and upbeat, and works hard to achieve her goals.
In order to keep up doing what she loves most (which is dance if you couldn't tell) and continue to be in her Senior Company at her dance studio, she has been babysitting like crazy to pay for everything! I even recently hired her to come clean my house, and let me tell you...she worked hard for her money. She even told me to be honest with her and to make sure I was happy with everything and boy was I ever!!
She is an incredible babysitter. Kids are drawn to her and love her. She has 3 weeks of summer left and is trying to get as many babysitting jobs as possible before she goes into full speed mode. 
She does a Kid Day Camp once a week out of her home. You drop your kid/kids off for 4hrs, pay $15 per kid, and go run your errands kid free!! In those 4hrs she teaches them a cute little dance routine, takes them on a picnic to the park for lunch and then takes them swimming!
If you are looking for a day free of kids, or are in need of a great babysitter for your date night with your honey buns, you won't go wrong with having Mykee babysit for you. Please email/text me if you are interested, she lives in the Gilbert area. 

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