.Memorial Day.

Levi has many, many great skills. One of them being Softball. He has been playing with the same team for 5 years now and every year they compete in the annual Memorial Day Softball Tourney up in Showlow/Snowflake area. It's always a nice excuse to escape the "Valley" heat too.
We were in the C league this year (the team sorta did it on purpose...) which made it a lot more fun
for everyone. And the fields were right next to where most the team was staying. Score!
 Two Out Ralley ended up taking 1st, CONGRATS GUYS!!!! Double Score!
 A fun fact for all of you: Levi was born in Showlow, lived there till he was 2, and this street was named after his family. Even tho they spelt it wrong, it's still a pretty coo littlel fact!

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