.What I Want To Be When I Grow Up.

Where did this number think it came from? 25, ME?...really? Weird...I am officially a Grown Up.

What I thought I would have accomplished by this age: Had a baby or be pregnant, traveled to England/Europe (that has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl), been a YW leader long enough to go to Girls Camp with them, and learn how to sew drapes, pillows, skirts, etc...sigh...

But even tho the above things have not happened-yet-I still have time. I have accomplished so much and I really am grateful for everything that I do have. I am in a good place in my life and feel at peace with the knowledge that everything will happen at the right time. 

What I would life to accomplish by the age 26: Complete a sprint triathlon, sew my own drapes, pillows and chair covers for my house, make my own skirts, continue the tasks needed to have a baby, and have trip planned or have gone a trip to England/Europe/Greece/ANYWHERE over there! All seem pretty do-able to me, right?

Ok lets get to the good stuff, what I did to celebrate my new old age!
San Fransico
My bestfriend Lyss and her husband live out there and were ever so kind to let Levi and I come crash with them for the weekend. It was the best birthday, year.to.date. It really was perfect! Homemade Birthday Breakfast. Gifts from the lover and bestie. Lots of text/FB lovin. A day well spent in The City. Getting my first and last rosary from a Street Bum. Gorging ourselves with many tastey treats all day long. People watching. Shopping. Trolley Riding. Dancing. And to top it off, Lyss gave Levi and I a night in a Hotel-my personal fav. Her and Owen stayed there as well so we could continue our city adventures the next day. (thank you iPhone for being so handy and documenting everything)

(about a month prior to my birthday, we had a little 12 hour layover in SF where we did a lot of first time Must Do's. I would have to say that has been my favorite layover I have ever had)

Dear 25, please be good to me!!!

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  1. I love San Fran!!! Looks like you had a great birthday! And I love the new posts!!!