.Belly Roll.

8 weeks ago we went to my friend Brooklyn's wedding in Mesa. It was in August and a majority of the wedding was outside. Including the dancing. Well most of you who Levi, knows he LOVES to dance! But here I am 29 weeks pregnant and not wanting a thing to do with dancing, especially in the heat. He convinced me...I'm such a sucker. Only exception, he goes first. Then I followed in on his lead and did "The Belly Roll". Who knew it would have been as funny as it was and that big of a hit?! I sure didn't!!
We were at a friends house last night and I/Levi had me, show all of them. It had some of them in tears. It's not as easy or comfortable to do now but I'm going to have to video tape me doing the "Belly Roll" before Thursday!


.Peculiar Babies. {15}

Last week Levi and I were laying in bed and I couldn't sleep so I asked him if he would play with my hair and talk to me. We reminisced about our favorite moments and thoughts we both had from when we met, dated, got engaged and the first couple years of our marriage and all of our favorite trips. It was fun to just lay there and talk and giggle about all these memories we had for over an hour. It was just what I needed. Some Levi time all to myself. Makes me understand and realize the importance of having "us" time like that often after the babies get here.
I'm 36 weeks and 5 days (the picture of me is when I was 34 weeks). Babies will be here in 4 days. I am having to get a c-section due to both babies being breached and Baby Boy being over my cervix. If anything, having a scheduled c-section is more of a relief. I like to be on a schedule and so this is right up my alley! I'm still not fully prepared, but I don't know if I ever could be. I have gotten a lot bigger the past few weeks and have a few stretch marks that made their debut earlier last week. I am totally ok with it tho, I'm still amazed that Levi and I are getting this blessing to be parents to twins. So until Thursday morning we are taking in every second of being together and getting things done.


.Peculiar Babies. {14}

I have been blessed with an easy pregnancy so far, sleeping through the night, can still fit my legs and butt in most my jeans with a belly band to help keep them up since I obvisously cannot button them, have only gained 20-25pds, working out 3-5 times a week for anywhere from 30-60min and can still work doing nails and toes 20-30hrs a week. How I got so lucky, who knows! But I am ever so thankful every day for my health and the ability to carry these babies.
I am 32 1/2 weeks right now, and up till 31 weeks I didn't have 1 complaint. Until now...and really not so much a complaint, more funny than anything because I have never experienced this sort of pain before so all I can really do is laugh and just deal with it.
Almost 2 weeks ago there was a day that I could just.not.keep.my.eyes.OPENED! I was booked with clients from 9-3 and knew I couldn't reschedule them because I was tired, so I pushed through. And when I had a 10min break, I closed my eyes and slept what seemed like hours. From that point on my energy level has just kept getting weaker and weaker. Which is fine, I mean I am carrying twins and my body is working hard so I can't give myself a hard time. I have only had the energy to go to the gym once this week and last, hoping this coming up week I can go at least 3 times.
I am finally able to slow down with clients. No more 6 hour work days, 4 hours at the most from here on out!
3 nights ago Levi and I were driving home in different cars (we had met up at Baby Gap thinking they had this killer sale going on, wrong!!) and I had worked from 8:30-3:30 that day and was just done. Emotionally, physically and mentally. I had missed my turn to go get my Sonic Ice and we were talking on the phone and Levi just told me to go to Circle K for the ice and I lost it. Tears came pouring out, I was exhausted and couldn't do it anymore. I didn't want to get out of my car to go inside somewhere, just wanted to drive up and get my ice and be on my way.
Really? I'm crying over ice? Oh man...the hormones have kicked in!!
Levi, being the best supporter and husband there is, tells me to just go home and get comfy. He went out of his way to go to Sonic for my ice and by the time he got home I was already in the bath, relaxing, where I stayed for the next hour. Then slept from 10-8 with zero interuptions (except when Levi kisses me and 2 kisses on my belly to say goodbye to us at 5:15 every morning, which I do not mind what so ever).
Well it happened, what I have not been looking forward to...at 4:15 this morning Levi got up to leave for Dove Hunting, and I was wide awake. Tried going back to sleep and by 4:45 there was no hope. It was pitch black outside, the gym doesn't open till 8am on Saturdays {so lame I know}, and I had no motivation to get up and start laundry or vacuuming and didn't want to read the baby books I have set aside to read. So I sat there, on my phone, for over an hour. I think it must have been around 6:30/7 when I was able to go back to sleep and slept till 9. Hoping that doesn't happen again for quite some time. Although I do feel like it is Heavenly Father preparing me for the sleepless nights to come and that's fine by me! 
The back pain has settled in and is here to stay. I was in pure pain as we were walking out of Dillards at 9pm tonight. Probably didn't help that we had been out and about since 10:30 this morning. Between getting breakfast, shopping at Anthro and Target, going to lunch, visiting Lyss and her babies in the hospital, seeing a movie, going to dinner and dessert with Shelbie and Scott and then more shopping at Dillards. My feet were starting to get swollen from this dang heat and my body was just over heating. I wanted to cry, but all I could do was laugh (after I cooled off). By the time we got home I could hardly walk and laying down my side was painful because I ate way too much tonight too, haha! So here I am, on the couching blabbering about my pregnancy. But I know I will be glad I have these memories to look back on.
I only have 3 1/2-5 1/2 weeks left to enjoy this feeling, to be able to look down and not see my feet, only to see my babies move. Sure it gets uncomfortable at times and the urge to pee just hits you out of no where, but I wouldn't have it any other way!
*33 Week Check up is on Tuesday!! We will see how big the babies are, if they're both breached still, what the likely hood is of them moving and when Dr. Layton thinks these kids will make their debut! Hoping I can make it to 38 weeks, but if not hopefully will go to at least 36 weeks. I am not ready!! Still need to pack the hospital bags, make the bedding, buy a stroller, diaper bag, wash all their clothes and to make their carseat covers!!!!