.Belly Roll.

8 weeks ago we went to my friend Brooklyn's wedding in Mesa. It was in August and a majority of the wedding was outside. Including the dancing. Well most of you who Levi, knows he LOVES to dance! But here I am 29 weeks pregnant and not wanting a thing to do with dancing, especially in the heat. He convinced me...I'm such a sucker. Only exception, he goes first. Then I followed in on his lead and did "The Belly Roll". Who knew it would have been as funny as it was and that big of a hit?! I sure didn't!!
We were at a friends house last night and I/Levi had me, show all of them. It had some of them in tears. It's not as easy or comfortable to do now but I'm going to have to video tape me doing the "Belly Roll" before Thursday!


  1. Haha I've got to see this. I LOVE that Levi loves to dance. Most guys have to be dragged out onto the floor, lucky you!

  2. I love these photos! The one of you doing the belly roll... Just priceless. Hope you are feeling well these last few days!! xoxo