.Peculiar Babies. {12}

-May 23rd-
We went in for the gender reveal ultra sound on Wednesday morning. Before we got started the tech asked me if she could see what the gender was if I wanted to know. I said no and that I wanted her to write it down and seal it at the very end. The ultrasound took about an hour and a half. The tech did all the measurements on both babies and whenever she was looking to see the gender she had Levi and I look away. We wanted to find out together with my entire family that night. After she completed everything she whispered to me that everything looked perfect with both babies. I guess she isn't supposed to say anything until the results got to Dr. Layton. She wrote down the sex of each baby, put it in an envelope, sealed it and off we went! I took the envelope and placed it under Lyss' doormat, she was sweet enough to bake us a double layer cake with the color of each baby inside. She was the only person who knew, she wouldn't even tell Owen because her and I both knew he would tell Levi!!
That night we went to my sister Michelle's house because my nephew Bryton was being ordained an Elder (He has been called to serve a mission for our church and will be serving in Denver Colorado, reports September 12th) My entire family was there, I couldn't have thought of a better way to find out. Levi and I cut into the cake as if it were our wedding day, I felt very cheesy at that moment. Once we got one slice through we both peaked to see and....WE'RE GETTING 1 OF EACH!!! We couldn't be more excited, how lucky is that?! I love it, the best of both worlds. We feel so blessed. Baby girl is on top bunk and baby boy is on bottom bunk. I love being able to feel them on a daily basis and being able to tell who is who. Names still haven't been decided on, but we've got 4 more months for that!