.Giving Thanks.

There is so much for me to be grateful for this Holiday season. My husband is on the top of my list. I wouldn't be able to do more than half of the things I do if it wasn't for him. For example, I wouldn't have been able to host the Yeager Thanksgiving at our place if he wasn't by my side and helping me be more organized. After everything was said and done, it wasn't as stressful as I thought it would be. I got all worked up for nothing! But one thing that I didn't do was take pictures of everything, bummer! I guess between being in charge of: decorations, set up, the turkey, home made pies and rolls, the Yeager "Pink Stuff', drinks, stuffing (would LOVE to learn how to make homemade stuffing!!) and having the house cleaned-there has got to be a "get out of jail free" card for not taking pictures-right? If we get to host it again in the future, I am very much more well prepared for it! I actually should take some mental notes and write them down somewhere....
I hope everything had a splendid Thanksgiving and that it was full of Family, Friends and FOOD!!

{the blog sale will start tomorrow morning and end Wednesday night at 9pm!!}


.the ever growing beard.

 mmm...love this look....                        a tad too long for me....              where did my husband go?              who is this guy!?
Mister decided to grow his beard out for halloween this year (if you missed that post, check it out here.), it started the last week of August.  It was quite the process, and got real old to snuggle up to. Actually, I take that back...there was hardly any snuggling, nuzzling or cuddling in the month of Oct. I mean, look at that thing!!! You could have hid an entire army in there! Needless to say, it was outta here the morning of October 31st, just in time for church. ahhh...I will admit, I do love week 1-2 of the scruff, so he's keeping that! He hardly looks like the same guy tho I think!

ps...i am going through my closet this week to help more simplify my life. so as soon as i can find my missing camera i will post pictures for a BlogSale ;) STAY TUNED!


.State Fair.

A few weeks back we went to the ultimate people watching/most calorie loaded heaven!
Oh State Fair...how I don't even care how nasty and dirty you are, you bring me way to much happiness!
Alyssa and Owen joined us in on the fun, a night of never ending laughs
 Alyssa and Owen did this ride and I about puked just watching them...

 on your marks...get set...GO!

 our winnings. and yes the banana is still in our garage. we plan on using it for a doorbell ditcher, so friends...beware...


.Lunch Anyone?.

Remember when I told you that I wanted to share the info on my hookups?
Aj's Fine Foods. Sounds fancy right? Right. But not during lunch hours!!! Ahhh yeah! Mister introduced this to me actually, he is Mr. Fancy Pants like that sometimes. But seriously, you want the best bang for your buck? Then go there, $5 for the most deliciousness filling lunch EVER. I recommend the pulled pork, side of fruit and a Diet Coke. Just saying


.Need a cute Christmas gift?.

My big sis Michelle is taking orders NOW for your own personalized aprons! Check her out http://azrigbyfamily.blogspot.com/2010/11/my-new-project.html
Pretty cute stuff if you ask me.


.a place i would like to call home.

We've been house hunting ever since our early stages of dating. Stopped until we got married. Looked again. Stopped when we found out we could live in my parents house for 18 months to take care of it while they're gone. And now we're looking again. So many decisions: pool/no pool, how much are we wanting to pay per square foot, location, floor plan, how many bedrooms/bath, neighborhood, how much we want to put into a home.
Well, Levi and I don't agree very often on homes we like until this one. It's in the perfect location, awesome ward, great size home, amazing layout, everything about it is perfection. So we put an offer down on it and after we sat down with all the numbers of closing costs, down payments, utilities, our monthly bills, etc. I about fainted! I think it is just a little more than I am wanting to do right now. If we do get this house sooner than later, all of our savings will go towards it, we will have a mortgage, and 2 sets of utilities until June. I am getting just a tid bit nervous. We will be house broke and all of the things I have imagined of doing to our future home will have to wait. I am not sure I am ready for this! We moved into my parents house a year ago to help us get ahead (and i am sooo thankful for that!) and if we get a home 8 months before they get home, that is a lot of money we could have saved!! And we have to put everything into perspective on 1 income for if/when we have babies.
Are we ready for this? I know it's something we can afford, but are we living too outside our means?


.Work Trip.

Every year my boss and his wife take all of us girls and our spouses on a trip down to Rocky Point. He paif  for dinner both nights and gave us some spending money-totally wasn't expecting that! Oh the perks for working an Orthodontist ;) I really feel so lucky to be working for such a great Doctor and practice. 
 {don't judge...but we totally got thrifty twice a day...}


.Owens Missonary Adventures.

It's nice to know that my parents are in good hands while in Canada and being taken care of! Thanks Elders!! 
 How cute is this? One of the Missionaries put this on the back of their car.


.Happy Halloween.

We had the best the Halloween weekend. Probably the best Halloween ever actually!
We started the weekend off by going to a costume party hosted by some friends of mine from High
 School. Bless Levi's heart, he knew none them but of course all of us wives know each other's husbands and feel like we're all BFF because of our blogs!But knowing the outgoing and super friendly guy Levi is, he had no problem getting to know everyone there. Thanks again girls for such a fun night!!
Levi as Zack Galifianakis from Hang Over with Baby Carlos. {yes that is his real beard}
Emily as a Birthday Girl {kinda lame I get it...I had nO idea what to dress up as!}

Later that night we met up with Lyss and Owen to go to the AZ Scream Park Haunted Houses. I was
pretty stoked to go because I had never been to a Haunted House before. And let me tell you...it was an
 experience I will never forget and cannot wait to go next year! Lyss had told one of the scary workers
my name and he literally followed me through the entire thing telling me I was his Birthday Present, and 
yes he scared me every time he popped out of a corner and through the wall. I didn't know how to react
and let's just say I kept everyone in our group entertained with my scream, horror, laugh. No joke. And yes, I ran like a like a little girl when the guy's came at me with the chain saw's.
End of Story.

Saturday we hosted a Murder Mystery Dinner at our friends house out in Queen Creek. It was a Trailer Park theme and everyone totally dressed the part! {for those of you who have never been to to Murder Mystery Dinner, I highly suggest you get one going! So much fun and a lot easier to put together than I thought it would be. Which meant a lot less stress on me!} Thank you Chris and Mysha for letting us host it at your gorgeous new home, looking forward to many more gathering's there I am sure!

Scott and his White Trash gift exchange "prize"
 Cameron {singer}and Alyse {tattoo artist}
Chris {the greasy mechanic} Mysha {the trany}
 The ladies
The Gent's
 Levi was the host and Trailer Park Owner
I was the Hostess and a Gypsy {thank you good will for such an awful, but fitting outfit for this event}
 Jon {Walmart Employee} & Em {Town Sleaze}
 Big Hoss Beaver-don't mess


.Massage Giveaway Winner.

I would like to thank all of you amazing girls for entering the Massage Giveaway.
The BIG WINNER is.......
Mrs. Alexa Hall!!!!
Oh yea, you are gonna love it.  I know you have my didgets so call me for the info.
For those of you that didn't win, hit Christy up on her blog to schedule an hour long massage for only 25 buckaroos.

P.S. Mrs Connie, the winner of the glitter toes, please respond to me in the next 24 hours or this glitter toe makeover will belong to new lucky winner.