.Happy Halloween.

We had the best the Halloween weekend. Probably the best Halloween ever actually!
We started the weekend off by going to a costume party hosted by some friends of mine from High
 School. Bless Levi's heart, he knew none them but of course all of us wives know each other's husbands and feel like we're all BFF because of our blogs!But knowing the outgoing and super friendly guy Levi is, he had no problem getting to know everyone there. Thanks again girls for such a fun night!!
Levi as Zack Galifianakis from Hang Over with Baby Carlos. {yes that is his real beard}
Emily as a Birthday Girl {kinda lame I get it...I had nO idea what to dress up as!}

Later that night we met up with Lyss and Owen to go to the AZ Scream Park Haunted Houses. I was
pretty stoked to go because I had never been to a Haunted House before. And let me tell you...it was an
 experience I will never forget and cannot wait to go next year! Lyss had told one of the scary workers
my name and he literally followed me through the entire thing telling me I was his Birthday Present, and 
yes he scared me every time he popped out of a corner and through the wall. I didn't know how to react
and let's just say I kept everyone in our group entertained with my scream, horror, laugh. No joke. And yes, I ran like a like a little girl when the guy's came at me with the chain saw's.
End of Story.

Saturday we hosted a Murder Mystery Dinner at our friends house out in Queen Creek. It was a Trailer Park theme and everyone totally dressed the part! {for those of you who have never been to to Murder Mystery Dinner, I highly suggest you get one going! So much fun and a lot easier to put together than I thought it would be. Which meant a lot less stress on me!} Thank you Chris and Mysha for letting us host it at your gorgeous new home, looking forward to many more gathering's there I am sure!

Scott and his White Trash gift exchange "prize"
 Cameron {singer}and Alyse {tattoo artist}
Chris {the greasy mechanic} Mysha {the trany}
 The ladies
The Gent's
 Levi was the host and Trailer Park Owner
I was the Hostess and a Gypsy {thank you good will for such an awful, but fitting outfit for this event}
 Jon {Walmart Employee} & Em {Town Sleaze}
 Big Hoss Beaver-don't mess


  1. Levi needs to call porter.... he had the same handle bar mustache for halloween too. silly boys and their beards!

  2. you're soooo cute! <3