hi, i am emily.
and i love diet coke.
it is my only vice when i am trying to diet.
and if i could have 2, it would be diet coke and chips and salsa. mmmmm
for the most part tho, i'll take a diet coke
preferably from this place:
every time i drive past one of these, my car just automatically pulls into a parking spot right up front.
and i always have 75 cents to pay for a 32oz
purified fountain soda+crushed ice+styrofoam cups=AZ dream.

then it happened. july 1st, 2010, 10am. scottsdale, az
i am waiting for the results of my knee MRI.
dr waslewski walks in, and gives me the good news
i just have tendonitis and have to wear a band around my knee when working out, thats it!

well then i had a word vomit
a word that i didn't want to bring up
i asked him if my daily dose of diet coke would have a part with my knee pain
he said yes
uhhhhhh WHAT!?!!!!!!
he explained to me that diet soda (and regular soda) has phosphate+calcium or phophate+something.
well you pee out the phosphate along with the calcium or other substance that your body needs and it can cause easier bone breakage when you are older. (like 60+ older, but knowing me and my bones probably much sooner) 
he went on and told me that teenagers/college students who drink diet soda after diet soda stunt the calcium level that your body needs. and if i want all of my levels at the peek they need to be when i turn 30, i need to discontinue drinking my daily DC now...
 Dr. Waslewski did say i could have one periodically.
so i will start leaning off of them by going to Soda Saturday's only and then once i am strong enough, i will only have one periodically.
but you know what, if going off of DC will cure my joint problems and help me to keep my body strong, then that is just a.o.k. with me. i'd rather go off of the DC then get another surgery that's for sure!


  1. wow, that's good to know - maybe it will help me with my knee also. just this week decided to cut out soda - had one the other day - will try harder to quit - like the soda Sat. idea!!

  2. Did you get that e-mail I sent you a couple weeks ago? I feel for ya for having to quit, but hopefully it cures you so it will be worth it.

  3. Oh no!!! I am totally screwed... I am a Diet Coke Addict. (Also, chips & salsa and DC is my favorite too!) My bones are probably shrinking as we speak. arghhh

  4. I'm not much of a pop drinker myself but I've watched my husband try to cut back multiple times. I can only imagine the withdraws you're going through. Good luck!!

  5. what??? this is devastating! at least it could help your knee to refrain! i have a tiny bone in my foot that is broken and won't heal....does that mean i have to quit too!? worst news ever.

  6. So sad for you, but very good motivation eh? That's crazy that DC does that. Barry has bad knee problems... I wonder if all the Mt.Dew he used to drink has any thing to do with that. hummmmm...

  7. OH NOOO! Coke zero is my absolute fav! I feel ya regarding this can becoming my best bud when I wanna skim down a tad bit ; ) Well, i'll take this for what it's worth and try to not get too excited when I drive by a gas station. Gotta love refills! Crystal Light slurpees at 7-11 are yum and a semi-good alternative.

    Ps. Your blog is darling!!