.A Taste of Mexico.

Levi and I love Mexican food. And I can honestly say that is what we eat 80% of the time we go out for dinner. I am such a sucker for good legit Mexican food too. I had read on 2 of my other friends blogs about this backyard Mexican restaurant and knew I just had to try it.
We got together with the Yeates and Lindblom's to experience it with us.
You literally walk right into their backyard, choose a seat and they come take your order! Everything is carne asada, and you HAVE to try the potato, trust me on this one. I have tried all tho, and everything is so very tasty.
And for their mango dessert/treat, that is what's in our cups=delightful.
Also, I highly advise you NOT to sit in the garage. It is hotter then all get out.
We have been there every weekend since our 1st time going annnnd I plan on going back this weekend!
What are the chances that 2 of my best friend's are both named Emily?!

Directions to Backyard Mexican Restaurant:
North on Stapley
West on 8th St
Then take your 1st Left and it's the 2nd house on the Left
You can't miss it, there is always a ton of cars out side and parked in the front yard.
Friday&Saturday's 5pm-Midnight

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