.Tucson's Finest Dining.

Levi and I took a quick trip down to Tucson on Friday night for a friends reception. Tucson is very, well, boring? There is nothing there that makes me want to go back. Is that bad? It just isn't a very pretty city to me, not my ideal way to spend a Friday Night/Saturday Morning. BUT we did have a good time together, and that's what matters!
We stayed with our buddy at his parents house. They're back yard had the most green I found Tucson to offer. It was my ideal back yard (minus a pool of course). Had little walk ways all around, huge tree's, benches and cute backyard seating under the shade and a big back porch patio.

Before we left on Saturday we had a few Must Stop's.

Must Stop #1
El Guero Canelo-Brittany's recommendation!
Famous for their hot dogs and they were tastey! The Sonoran is insane, wrapped in bacon, topped with pinto beans, jalapeno sauce, tomato's and mustard. Sounds a little weird I know, but they are oh so good!!

Must Stop #2
Eegee's-Levi's request!
It is a sub place, but they have this AH-mazing icey's as well. I got the watermelon/pina colada and Levi got the watermelon/mango. Delicious. Perfect for the dry summer heat and our drive back home!
Cheer's to Tucson!


  1. yes!! i'm glad you at least made it to guero canelo!! (and eegee's...i forgot to recommend that...but isn't the watermelon the best?!) ya tucson's not the prettiest city...but it might be worth going back for gandhis...just sayin :) i'll go with you!?

  2. hmm hmmm Tucson only has the coolest family known to walk the earth...forget about us?? We LOVE both those places but have a few other stops I think you would melt over. Come back and spend a Friday night with us here in T town and you may just like it a lil better, just sayin! We really would love it since the hubbs are friends too! and yes we are a little too desert here, thats why our backyard is covered in grass, trees and flowers..it makes it feel a little more like mesa home.