Everyday is an adventure with this man. He always has smile on his face and something up his sleeve.

He will always do anything asked of him right at the moment of being asked. Even when he is in the middle of playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

He is a bigger person than me and I envy that about him. So selfless. Always looking for ways to serve and make everyone happy. 

I've never seen someone who picks up friends or family members tab before/after as often as he does.

He usually has a weekly surprise awaiting my arrival after work. Really? What husband does that!? And they are really good surprises too.

He has an eye for the right things and catches me off guard time and time again. 

Give him a sport or any game and he'll be the best at it. Even if he has never played. kinda makes me jealous...

We may not be "The Perfect Couple" and we have our flaws, but because of him I am a better person who is striving every day to become the wife he deserves and the future mother of his children that I dream about.

In my mind, I have won the JaCkPoT because I have Stephen Levi Yeager {SLY} in my life. 

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