.Future Under Construction Zone.

While my parents are gone, we are staying in the back of the house. The Head Quarters. They gave us full permission to do whatever sort of re-decorating and painting as we wish to The H.Q. Well, 6 months has gone by and sadly we have only done 1 room. The Office/Glitter Toes/Levi's closet. (for those who have known me since Junior High+ and have been to my parents house, mine and Levi's Head Quarters is my old stomping grounds-back in the back of the house.)
Now with only 1 year to go, the H.Q. Bathroom is needing some serious updating. Wallpaper and paint happened ohhh 13yrs ago and the flooring...ya about that...it's been there for 25yrs.

So 90's, I know.

Do you SEE that floor!!!

These have got to be re-painted.

I personally think this contraction is pretty sweet. Ugly as all get out, but it does the job.
However, it's gotta go.


I don't know who really follow us, but I would really appreciate some decorative input. 

This that have to stay: Counter Tops and Mirror's.

Doors, cupboards, baseboards and walls can and WILL be repainted.
Flooring will be replaced with Tile-hopefully.
Door, cupboard and drawer nobs-would love to get some from Anthropologie .

I love vintage and I love gold! So I was almost wanting to go with that...
Painting the cupboards white or creme and the detail indents/lines gold??
Accent colors maybe grey with yellow or coral??
Or do I go with colors like these:

The Head Quarter's will be the guest area for family and friends when my parents return. So I need to keep that in mind.

Any advice at all would be amazing!

Happy Monday.


  1. here's my advice-- wait til we get back in a month and let me help you!!! i want to paint and redecorate and what not and yet- have no place to do that!!! :) and if you love vintage look, i'll help ya with that too! ;) i'll start gathering my ideas for you and emailing them. cant wait to see you guys in a month!!! :)

  2. You are right - it looks just like it did in jr. high...so funny. Anthropologie has adorable knobs & such, but are super duper pricey...Hobby Lobby (just south of the 60 on Greenfield - before Baseline) has just as cute knobs for doors & cuboards. Sometimes they are all even half off if you go the right week. Go take a look.
    ♥ Megan (Shill)

  3. I follow, and have this thing for decorating. I like it a lot,a lot. I just gutted our guest bathroom and have done quite a bit of remodleing projects between my parents house and my house. I would be tickled to help if you are interested in help!!

  4. I am so jealous that you get to do this. I have been wanting to re-do a room SO BAD!! but I love you color choices already. I think the idea of bringing in some gold would be way fun if done the right way. (bring it in in your accents like, vases, picture frames, etc.) You will def. need to keep us posed on all that you do! and please start with those cupboards! haha

  5. should I be offended - naw - I'll be excited for the changes!!