.Last Year of the Twenties.

Levi is 29!!!!!
And what did we do to celebrate....
Well going on a Vaca of course!
To Cali/Huntington Beach.

The 1st day we were there we did some shopping at Fashion Island and got Sprinkles Cupcakes.

Had lunch with Alexa and Jack at this amazing Mexican place.

And did a little long boarding.

For dinner we went to our #1 favorite of all times BBQ joint.
Levi and I discovered this place when we were in Cali last year. And I am not the biggest fan of BBQ, but this place has me drooling every time I think of it!

Levi went golfing with Darryn morning of his birthday. Alexa, Jack and I  did some strolling and got Alexa' toes glitter-fied by yours truly.
Once Levi and Darryn returned home, Levi and I went down to the Pier and did some people watching.

We caught free t-shirts, got free energy drinks and Levi scored on an amazing face massage!!

And what is a Birthday without an Apple Pie Apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!?

Then we went out to dinner at Cheesecake Factory.
The Red Velvet Cheesecake was worth the 1500 calories!!!

We got back to the Lane's resident and waited for them to get home for the BIG SURPRISE that Levi had no idea was coming his way.
You see, Levi and I are sneeks and I thought for sure he would looked through my suitcase or somewhere to find his birthday presents. I didn't even talk to his brothers about what I was getting him because they would have for sure told him.
So finally at 11:45 at night Levi got his BIG SURPRISE!!

 He hasn't owned a game system since he was like 10! So I thought, ehh why not....

The last day we were there we took it easy since we were leaving later that evening.

Sugar Shack for breakfast-of course.

Walked down the Pier, again.

Ate the most delicious cheeseburgers and french fries right across from the beach.

The wonderful and amazing Lane's!!!
Alexa so stinkin beautiful and skinny. Gorgeous.

i lOVE us

side note: yes, levi and i DID get in the 50 degree freezing ocean water! 
who knows why...as long as i didn't get my hair wet, i was goin in.
i just tried not thinking about how cold it really was...
and then a wave took me down. bad, really bad.

Our last stop on the way out of town was at this delicious Donut Shop. Really, they're amazing. 

now back to our lovely diet and working out schedule's. 
no donuts, energy drinks, mexican food, pancakes, caramel apples, cheeseburgers, bbq, etc.
 i am already having with drawls!!!!


  1. Amy at Levi's work here again! What a fun birthday. You are an amazing wife to do all that for him and to come over to the dark side and get him a Xbox. Wow! I love your guys's photos!!! Excellent job. :)

  2. You guys are so freaking cute and are always having so much fun! I could use a trip like this right now. Oh, the carefree life newlyweds live. I'm jealous! Glad you guys had fun. Happy Birthday Levi.

  3. THOSE are the best pix EVER!!!You guys should be photographers. When it's Tanner's 29th birthday Lydia will be 6 yrs old... haha that's kinda funny. You are too kind for buying him an x-box. Tanner is definitely jealous.

  4. so many things to love: birthdays, Cali, and your hot coral swimsuit!