.Fun in Purgatory.

A couple weekends ago we got the opportunity to go snowboarding with our friends in Durrango, Colorado. Chris and Mysha's sister has a place right there on Purgatory Mtn and it was goregous. I never thought in a million years thought I would get to stay somewhere that you literally walk out the door and you're right there, ready to board! And to top things off, best snow we have ever boarded in. Going through the tree's and back country in powder up to your knee's, making new tracks, and having it  be soundless with every move you make. Peaceful really.
 The Lodge

 It snowed all day on the 2nd day
 Which resulted to this on the 3rd day!
Great trip. Great memories. Great friends. And no broken bones like our last years trip.
Looking forward to next year!

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