.Valentines Getaway.

Mister had Valentines weekend all planned and kept it a complete secret the entire time. 
I am so proud of him. And maybe for the 3rd time in a our marriage, I didn't figure out what the surprise was!
Alexa, Darryn, Lyss and Owen were in on the surprise the entire time.
Props to all 5 of them for keeping their lips zipped tight!
We were "supposed" to go to Scottsdale, but ended up driving a few more extra hours and ended up in Huntington! Our fabulous friends {who really are the best of the best} let us stay with them once again!
We went to Disneyland, California Adventure, the beach, and time together.
Sooo excited to be on vacation!!
Alyssa and Owen came into town from San Fran too!
Such a stud! For a 2yr old, he was rocking that Razor too! 
Look at his lips!!!!!
 We love the Lane's. Even tho we live in different states, they are some of our dearest friends. I love that.
 California Adventure Toy Story ride! So fun
 Happiest Place on Earth

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  1. So fun em!! What a sweet husband. Love the model shots! :)