.Take Me to the Park.

The board park that is!
After Susie and Bill got married, they rented out this massive home up in Flagstaff for the entire family to go up and spend some time together for a few days. I think this was the first family vacation we've done since I have been a Yeager and I loved every moment of it!
The adults (minus Scott and Jana, plus Jordan) went snowboarding on one of the days. It was a blast! The snow wasn't the greatest, ok it was horrible, but it felt good to go riding again. We spent a majority part of the day in the park. Less crowded and the snow was a lot better. Me, thinking I am still young and careless, hit the 2nd hardest box there was. And as I was coming to the end, I freaked myself out and wiped out so bad. I hit my shin, like a double hit. It's still tender and there is still a bump. In result to hitting my shin, for some reason my entire foot and ankle went purple, black, green and blue the next week and stayed that way for a few weeks.  
The trip was a blast and I loved getting to spend time with everyone in the same place, with no where to go. It was so great!


  1. That looks like so much fun!

  2. Sorry about all the injuries. :) Other than that, looks like it way a fun trip!

  3. Ouch!! But at least you're a bad a snowboarder!!