.Mr & Mrs.

My mother-in-law finally tied the knot with Bill!!!
.his and hers.
{i die...}
The Boys
The Girls...
and our giggles!
The Mister and I

Welcome to the fam Bill!! Glad to finally have it official ;) You are so great 
and we all love you and appreciate everything you do for Suzie. Love ya!


  1. holy ROCK! So fun. Congrats to her! LOVE your dress too!

    Hey, had to say thanks for entering my giveaway, your sweet comments and support. It meant a lot!

  2. Hello, her ring is amazing!!!! Love your dress. I almost bought it and now I'm wishing I had.

  3. Ooohh, there's that dress we were talking about! Gorgey!

  4. You look stunning em! So happy they finally tied the knot. I think I may need to get that dress. :) Too perfect on you!