.Peculiar Baby. {5} Naturalist

I went in and saw Harriet today. Oh Harriet....she is something else.
And you know what, I liked her! A lot!!!
She is all about your body's frequencies, reflexology and helps you understand what makes your hormones, organs, and levels all work. My father-in-law is into this kind of natural medicines, and I totally believe it!
She first applied pressure on all my pressure points on my feet. Telling me to let her know when it hurt. It only hurt on one are of my foot and from there she knew exactly what was wrong. She did a few more test and we talked about what is going on.
Well...basically none of my hormones are functioning correctly. My liver is over working, I have hardly any calcium, something above my pituitary gland that is supposed to release hormones isn't, because like 3 other things in my body aren't functioning correctly. And breathe...
So she gave me 4 different types of drops to take, 3 different herbs, and 2 creams. Sounds intense right? It's not really. Hearing her explain everything made total sense. But you know what hit home the most and made me almost cry??
She was doing a frequency test on me and said "Oh wow...{looks up at me}, how did you do in school growing up?" I said "Horribly, I had the hardest time comprehending and focusing". She could tell and said this is something I have been battling with for over 15yrs. {Which makes total sense bc I started struggling in elementary}. 
Anyway, at the end of my visit I felt totally and completely relieved and reassured. She also told me that the reason my prolactin level spiked so high and went down so quickly is from stress-imagine that!
I am to take everything she gave me for 4 months {some for only 2 or 3}. And I am to NOT get pregnant in the mean time. I do not have enough of everything to supply the right nutrition for myself and a baby to keep us both healthy. So no need to spend money on fertility pills any more ;) 
I will stay consistent with everything Harriet has told me to do and have faith that everything will work out. I am going to be okay, and I am going to get myself healthy {well the parts inside of me that are not} and I will carry and have a healthy baby someday. But that day is not today, and will not be tomorrow either. And I am 100% okay and at ease with that. 
If any of you would like Harriet's information, let me know. I have 100% confidence in her and have heard she has helped many girls get pregnant. She also said I was her 3rd client in this week with fertility problems, she knows her stuff, I'm tellin ya!


  1. im totally interested!!! if you dont mind, how much was it for you to go see her??

  2. That is so refreshing that you were so open to what she had to say and treated her like the true health professional that she is. More power to you! Major kudos for determining to get yourself healthy and *then* refocusing your conception efforts. You will not regret it.

  3. sounds like we're kind of in the same boat. hope things work out for you quickly! i'm still battling my liver/hormone issue but it's improving thank goodness.

  4. i would like harriet's information, please! i am definitely into that sort of healing as well. does she only specialize in infertility, or will she do just an overall wellness check? my email is esbayles04@hotmail.com

  5. so, i've been reading your blog, and i have to tell ya i have the same problem. your liver is shot and your hormones are like crazy and out of blance. I have pcos which is keeping me from getting pregnant. I'm going on a year trying now and its a big bummer every month. I hope this lady helps. I started a new life change diet, no carbs or sugar. look into it. it may be able to help work things out. damn hormones play a part in EVERYTHING....

  6. Crazy how the body works. The pituitary glad has a lot to do with pregnancy hormones secretion as well. Hope everything works out for you!