.Peculiar Baby. {4}

I had my appointment with Dr. B this morning. You ready for this?......EVERYTHING is fine! Woohoo! No tumor and get this, my prolactin level is right where it should be! I don't understand why or how it lowered itself within a week from each blood work I had done, but it is what it is. So, why I haven't gotten pregnant? It just isn't time I guess. Why I am having headaches, who knows! I will admit I was a little bitter after leaving his office today, Mister was there so I had to hold in my emotions until I got to my car. And every emotion went through my head. I am relieved that everything is okay, but I was hoping that there was something there and it being the reason why I wasn't getting pregnant. But really, it is okay. I am fine and hopeful for what is to come down the road. There are other options that can be taken and more doors to go through. This is a trial I have been given, a trial to learn something that I need to learn. Now, more than ever, I am leaning on the Lord to help me get through this. I will be a mother someday, but now just isn't that time and I am at ease with it.
Dr. L has given me some medication to take to help me get pregnant, and now that my prolactin is where it needs to be, I can take it. I also am going to see Harriet. Harriet is a naturalist. I know my body is a little off and I am not myself and I know that she can help me level everything out the natural way. I have heard nothing but good things about her. So if you have been to her or know someone has, I would love to hear from you!
Thank you everyone for the support. You are all amazing! And to my friends and readers who are having a difficult time, I know what you're gong through and hope that you will be able to get pregnant soon!



  1. Yay! What a relief. I know what you mean about almost wanting something to be there so you could have an answer. Everything will work out. I know it! I'll continue to keep you (and your sweet sister) in my prayers. This is such a fun time in our lives. You are going to make a wonderful mother!

  2. glad everything is okay!

    so i looove my naturopathic doctor. she's helped me a bunch.

    and actually, i've heard good things about harriet too. my friend hannah recommended her.

  3. Hi! i found your blog through a friend that we had in common.....I am a nurse and specialize in fertility/ high risk labor... I am all for natural health and feel most ailments can be corrected or improved through nutrition ....I study nutrition and have come across many studies both in my personal studies and in my profession, that gluten can effect a woman's ability to conceive. I thought I would pass this info along to you, though I do not know you, I know the heartache that you feel dealing with infertility. I myself, had a difficult time conceiving for 2 years. I was able to correct my medical problems and I am now an exuberant mom of a 4 month old boy! I hope this can be helpful....going gluten free is not easy ...but it just may be worth it...there are a lot of successful cases out there..I have seen them personally! Good luck...I will be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. You and your hubby seem super cute....you will be a wonderful mom someday.....I hope your someday comes very soon!

  4. happy your healthy! so i've seen a naturalist doc a couple times and i really liked it. they had me hold on to a copper? pole with wet hands and with my other hand she poked into certain spots and it all went through a computer and told us all sorts of interesting things. i loved the experience and i'm still using alot of the advice. i don't know your doctor but i hope you have a good experience and get some help in balancing yourself out- they can definitely do that! also ask or look into the bach flower remedies- pretty cool stuff! you'll get pregnant i have no doubt and anyways you guys will have tons of fun because practice makes perfect :)

  5. I'm so relieved that everything is ok! It's so uplifting to read how positive you have been through this whole experience. You're such a great friend and rolemodel

    Love you em!

  6. Em! I was just going to call you today to check up on you. So SO so glad to know that everything is okay. What a huge sigh of relief. Hang in there and stay strong. And in the mean time, enjoy just being with your husband. Going to movies and dinners, and lots of traveling. :) Love you!