.Peculiar Baby. {2}

December 28th 2010.
I slept horribly last night. Not because I am worried, or because I am scared, but maybe because of the "un-known" and having to wait so long to get more of an idea of what is next. I was told to call Dr. Biesbroeck's office first thing this morning. Knowing that it would take up 3 months to get into him (or hopefully sooner with one of the doctors inside of his practice), I knew that having to keep all of this information inside of me for so long was going to tear me up inside. But until we have a better idea of what is about to take place, there is no reason to tell many people about it. Especially when I wouldn't have more of a lead for another couple of months.
Dr. B's office didn't start answering phones until 9am. I wasn't able to call until 9:30. The lady who answered the phone was in for a real treat. I spoke to her as if she was my friend. I basically gave her the skinny on everything that Dr. L gave me last night. Bless her heart, she probably didn't need to know all of it. I am trying to keep my voice down at work while talking to her so none of my coworkers over hear anything. Of course she asks me who the referring doctor is and specialty, and as soon as I say OB all my coworkers ears perk up! Expecting to hear from her that the soonest I could be seen was in March, she surprises me with the greatest blessing. She informs me that someone called in and cancelled just a few minutes ago for a 11 o'clock new patient exam tomorrow morning. I wanted to cry, or jump up and down for joy knowing that my prayers were answered last night. Dr. B's office will have Dr. L's office send over the lab work in time for my appointment tomorrow. As far as the MRI on my brain goes, Dr. L's nurse, Kim, will have to get approval from my insurance first before sending me somewhere to have that done. (Kim sounded very shocked with how fast I was able to get into Dr. B. And yes, I speak to her like she is my friend also. Bless her heart)  Since I will be in Dr. B's system, getting a visit with him after the results from the MRI come back will be easy to get into (as if being seen within 26hrs of my first phone call wasn't easy enough!). My boss has been very understanding of this and has given me the OK to take off whenever I need to, to get into these appointments. So thankful for that.
Having this appointment scheduled so much sooner that anticipated, I feel a lot more at ease and more willing to share it with others. The first people that came to mind were my parents. I want to wait to tell my siblings until after my appointment tomorrow to hopefully have more informative details to share.
Talking about this is something personal, but it also is very therapeutic for me. Sharing this is a burden being lifted off my shoulders. I know there are other people out there (some within my own family) going through more difficult times than this seems to be. But my entire life I have kept a journal, and writing down my thoughts and feelings is one of the best ways I've been able to get express myself.


  1. Love you Em! And I am loving these journal entries. So personal and touching. I'm glad its therapeutic for you too! Keep me updated. xoxo

  2. So sorry to hear about these stuggles, Emily. I hope all is going well with treatment and doctors appointments. It took us 7 months to get pregnant with Scarlett, so I know how hard it can be to wait. However, it was the best timing. The Lord really knows us better than we know ourselves. xoxo

  3. So sorry to hear about these struggles! Dr. Biesbroeck is great! I went to school with his daughter. Amazing family