.Red Light, Green Light.

You've all played the game as a kid.
 When RED is yelled, you freeze...
Freezing is the most difficult part of that game for me.
So are spending freezes...
Mister and I decided to do this for at least a month, maybe 2. (minus trips that have already been planned...whoops)
No clothes. No accessories. No decor. No pampering. Only the necessities.
Has anyone else tried this? I would love to hear your outcome and reward for doing so!


  1. Oh man... we've TRIED it. Well, we've tried not eating out for a week or whatever our goal is and we always fail miserably. I want to see if I can do it one of these days (;
    btw, my toes still look beautiful! You are wonder woman! Seriously, I had them done at a salon last summer and they only lasted two weeks and I didn't even like the color. Thanks so much!

  2. during my last 8 years of marriage i have had to make major steps to treat my disease- my name is nina and i'm a shopaholic. it's hard and it sucks and you get really bored and sad...... but i really have learned to tone it down. i've learned quality over quantity which was a big one for me. i was constantly going through my closet and getting rid of clothes to make room for the new ones and sometimes they still had tags on them or i only wore it once. my shoes were out of control and so was i. so long story short i think it's really good to learn this lesson earlier rather than later. ok and also having 3 kids at home all the time really put a damper on my desire to go out. so that helps motivate too :) best wishes.

  3. tried it? we live it girl! let me tell you it sucks! but it is worth it when you have savings and emergency money! good luck!

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  5. Ummmm, only every day since I got married 4.5 years ago! The only time I get to 'fun spend' is when I have birthday or Christmas money to use. This was a HUGE change for me, as I had the freedom to get whatever I wanted whenever I wanted before I was married. It was a huge struggle at first, and to this day I still want to buy everything I lay eyes on. But because we don't spend outside what is necessary, we have 0 debt, we have money invested where it should be, we were able to buy and remodel a home, and we have the peace of mind that we don't ever have to worry about making ends meet. The day will come when I get to spend again. Hopefully it's not too far off...