.Life Without My Digital Camera.

Once upon a time...I use to carry my digital camera with me every where!! Ask anyone. Well my beloved dear friend found a new owner, or shall we say a new owner found my beloved friend :( Levi has a digital camera, but it's just not the same. Needless to say we haven't replaced mine yet, so either I am taking phone pictures, or we have Levi's digital because we know we're going to want some type of pictures OR we lug around our "We mean business" Nikon camera.
Our life has been so crazy busy this past month! Here is what we've been up to:
*Levi got his braces off!!!
*Levi had his 10yr reunion!! Woohoo! We got to stay in the hotel that night. Something about staying in a Hotel makes me really happy!
*Halloween came and went...and thanks to Mal we got a few pictures of our festivities.
*We started playing in a co-ed softball league on Friday nights.
*We MOVED!! Who would have thought how much CRAP you collect after being married for almost 8 months!? Sheesh...I don't know how we got it all to fit into my parents garage and into the back part of their house/aka our area for the next 18 months. It felt good getting out of an apartment. The cleaning part was probably the worst...wait no, the packing up boxes...or was it...going up and down 2 flights of stairs about 100 times...hmm...how about All Of The Above!
*Levi surprised me with floor seats to Season 5 "So You Think You Can Dance" tour!! I didn't find out till the afternoon of, I was so excited! His brother Craig and sister in-law Elena sat 22 rows behind us. They were a bit jealous. They should have come sit next to us the 2nd half of the show because apparently the couple sitting next to us with their 5yr old didn't want to come back!
*I have been cooking every week day night since we moved into my parents place. I am sure my mom is enjoying the break for once! I LOVE it and enjoy cooking. I really love looking through cookbooks or magazine's and trying out new things! I have even found a few good recipes through blogs. It's so great! I am making the Thanksgiving Dinner Rolls this year as well. I'm crossing my fingers they turn out good!
*I am looking forward to Thanksgiving more than ever this year. Something about being married and spending time with my husband and my family who I love dearly, warms my heart and the thought of it gets me twitterpated!
Ok enough about the Yeager Life Update, here's pictures of Halloween and SYTYCD! We didn't get any of our apartment or moving. I mean heck, who wants to take pictures of that when they're dreading every box they're packing!? That was my excuse anyways!
Love you all!!!!! Enjoy ;}
Corn Maze in Gilbert.
Next year...we WILL go to a haunted house!!!!

I had the idea of painting our pumpkins white this year!! I thought they were pretty cool!

I was planning on outlining them with black marker but...that never happened!


SYTYCD Season 5 baby!!

I had to put this next picture in. This is from last year when Levi and I had only been dating for about 2 months, maybe. This night was a complete 100% surprise!! We had floor seats again, but 2nd row. It was unreal!!!
(My hair is so long now!! Well...at least long for me!)

The Booty Dance

Top 3 Girls!

This is probably one of my favorite ones.


  1. Oh my gosh! oh my gosh! oh my gosh!!!! (oh hi, I just found your blog!) Oh my gosh! I want to go to SYTYCD tour SO Bad! I am totally jealous that you had the best seats too! :) your hubby totally won some MAJOR browine points! :)

    So hello Emily! I just found your blog on Angie's blog. I didn't know you had one! how fun! we can now be bloggie friends! :) YAY!

  2. Oooo... March is a GREAT time to come! The whales will be here! :) But honestly there are not very many hotels/resorts on North shore. The only one out there is Turtle Bay (its really nice by the way). But I am not too familiar with anything else up that way. I'll keep and eye out for you and let you know if I find something cheap though! There are a lot of vacation rental though. So you might want to look into that!

  3. I am so JEALOUS!! SYTYCD is one of my FAVORITES