.Calgary Canada!.

My parents report to the MTC December 28th, the day before my dad's 65th Birthday! The average low for January is 7 degree's and the high is 29 degree's. Yup...pretty sure we'll be going to visit them in July when the average high is 74! And we'll be visiting this place...

Banff National Park

We couldn't be more excited for them!
Congrats Rachel on the guess!!!


  1. Yay I'm so happy for them! I've been to all those places...Calgary is so pretty. They will have such a good time. Congrats Bro. and Sis. Owens!!

  2. hoooooray! what a beautiful place. they leave on my anniversary. i remember 2 years ago that day your mom helped me in the bridal room before we got sealed. love her.

  3. congrats to them!! ports parents leave on there mission in april. isnt it fun to see them excited for their new adventures!!

  4. Yay how fun!! I'm so happy for them!!