.The Awaiting Opening...

Around mid-noon today, the mail man came to my parents house. As my anxiously, but patient mother awaited his afternoon drop off, she went and found the greatest anticipation my father and her have been waiting on, planning for years, to come. And...IT CAME!!! Their Mission call is HERE!!!
All 8 kids and their spouses will be gathering at 9 o'clock this evening to watch them open the letter to their next journey in life together!
But...Here's the catch...we, 8 kids and spouses, have to keep it hush hush until my parents announce it in their ward and get to tell all of their friends personally before we get to tell anyone. For some, like me, that will be soo hard. But it is my parents gift, their shinning glory, so we will all grant their wishes and keep our lips sealed.
So...for those who would like to guess, there will be a prize :} Who ever is the closest to where they will be serving for 18 months, will get a batch of my famous chocolate chip cookies. Yes, they are to die for so you will want to take that leap of faith and guess!!!
My Guess-New York.

My Guy's Guess-Hawaii.

Your Turn!!!


  1. I have no idea who you are but you're my wife's ortho assistant...and I want the cookies - so my guess is Florida.

  2. Yay! I'm gonna say...Noth Carolina??
    I'm a cookie junkie so I'd better be right!

  3. This one's for Levi....
    They are going to Jerome, AZ.

  4. my guess is somewhere in california. yes i guess the whole state that way my chances of those cookies are higher! i cant wait to hear where they are going!