{My Guy}

Shout Out to My Favorite Guy:
Stephen Levi Yeager

i love my guy more than life itself.
He is my everything and i don't know where i would be without him.
He is the most genuine guy i have ever met.
He is so sweet, caring, loving, and forgiving.
i love the way he makes me laugh until my stomach hurts.
i love the way he makes me feel.
i love the way he looks at me.
i love when he surprises me flowers, just because.
He is an amazing brother, son, uncle, friend and most importantly, HUSBAND.
{he's on the right...if you couldn't tell}
He is the reason i am where i am today.
There is never a dull moment when he is around.
He is the greatest all around guy.
Give him anything, and he'll be amazing at it.{makes me jealous at times}
i love that we share the same goals, interest and taste of design.
i love him.

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