The Doctors I work for (Rollins and Petersen Orthodontics) took the entire staff  to Cancun on an All Inclusive Trip! (We missed you Amy, Kristen and Heidi!!) We had the best time, and it was so fun to see everyone out of the work zone! Even tho I have been working there for over 2 years, I feel like I got to know everyone so much better in a matter of 4 days. 
If I could have changed 2 things about the trip it would have been #1-Spouses should have been able to come if they paid their way and #2-Gone and found a taco stand! Not once did I eat mexican food while I was there and I was craving it big time! I had My Guy take me to El Charro as soon as we got home...MmmmMmm ;) 
Side Note: We were all supposed to post pictures on a photo bucket account so we didn't have to use a million cameras, but for some reason when I tried downloading the other girls pictures, they came out too small. So this is all I've got for ya!

Nothin like having your toes in the sand

The Grand Oasis Hotel
{aka our Hotel}

Me and My Bestie/Roomie

The 2nd day the Doctors took us to Chichen Itza. It was a 2hr bus ride, and knowing me with my amazing sleeping skills, I slept the entire way there and back! Little did I know, our guide talked the entire time and was giving a little lesson about the history of the place. Ya...I didn't learn much. But it was a really cool place to see!

Inside this pyramid, is another pyramid! Oh and don't worry, there is only 1 door to get inside. I couldn't imagine being inside with how humid it is outside.

You can't see it very well, but right in the middle of this structure, there is the statue they would sacrifice people on. That or put the beating hearts of those they sacrificed. Again, I was sleeping when he was talking about it...He was hard to understand anyways.

Amelia, Me, Amber and Mallory inside the ball court.

We were pretty much 4 peas in a pod.

The Sink Hole. 
They would throw the bodies that were sacrificed in there. Gross...

Me, Amelia, Amber, Mallory.

We got back to the resort around 2 and had the rest of the day to play!
Amber, Mal, Kristy, Me, Amelia.

Everyone wanted to do dinner together every night, but it takes way too long to serve 15 people, so we went and found our own place to eat. And they had the BEST coconut ice cream. MmmMMmmm

There was a foam party that night at the club next door, Mal and I both had permission from our hubbies to go clubbing one night.

Seriously, SO MUCH FUN! We left when the foam was up to our chins and we couldn't breath without taking in some bubbles.

The 3rd day was FREE DAY!!! We went to the Mall in the morning. Took a gheto bus down the road about 2 miles, spent a little over an hour at the Mall and went back to the resort. I was anxious to lay out! Us 4 did buy matching Roxy Cancun shirts, and I must say, we looked pretty dang cute.


If there weren't these HUGE rocks right along the shore, I would have totally gone swimming. Look at the water tho, so beautiful! I can't wait to go back with my guy!

My Guy bought me this swim suit JUST for Cancun. He surprised me back in June with it, he's the best ever.

Night 3, we had a formal dinner/staff meeting. 

Inside Joke. The Doctors made fun of me for posing like this on the trip. But I swear I never did, not once! Ok maybe once...Anyways, all the girls were making them pose like me for this picture. Thank You Dr. Rollins & Petersen for taking us!!! Can't wait for our next trip in 2 years!! Hmm...where to go....

Amelia. Me. Amber. Mal.
Rocking our matching shirts for the plane ride home.


  1. i wish i worked there. ps i want a baby

  2. Looked like so much fun !

  3. Fun!! Don't you just love Cancun?! Rob and I went there for our honeymoon and I've been dying to go back ever since. Definitely my favorite place in Mexico.

  4. Did you know I was not there with you? Ahhh, I wanted to be there! I can't wait till we go everywhere together!