.Club Dance.

Club Dance "Strut-n-Stuff" team danced at Schnepf Farms last Saturday. It was the hottest day the October had to offer, but the girls didn't let that bother them while on stage. They did awesome!
4 of my nieces performed.

To Die For. Right?

Don't mess with Bronson...

Body Guard

Just enjoying the show with My Guy. Once the sunset, the weather was perfect! Ps...I think I am so over my dark hair...and he is/was so over braces. They came off 2 days ago!!

Pumpkin Patch. I blended in well.
No. We did not mean to wear "orange and black" to coordinate with the Halloween Theme. It just so happened and I didn't put 2 and 2 together until we were leaving, hours later...

He wishes...

Yup...Solid 5'8''. I thought I was 5'9'' my entire life up until 7 months ago. An inch shorter puts me in an entire different weight bracket!

#1. Wore the totally wrong shoes
#2. The Corn Maze was completely torn apart from all the kids.
#3. All in all, it was a really fun night.


  1. CUTE!!!! Love the pics Em!!

  2. How cute are they. I'm adding you to my blog.

  3. cute pictures Em! The lil girls are to die for :) Lets see Levi's pearly whites!!

  4. Seeing the little girls in their costumes makes me miss dancing.... And your hair color looks good...you looks so much like Hillary with dark hair.

  5. So cute em! Can we have you guys over for din din next week? I'll text you lata!