.A New Pride and Joy.

The night before we got married we received My Guys wedding band. We were so excited to see what it was going to look like, we designed it together and was going to be the perfect band for him. When we saw it for the first time, we were a little disappointed...It wasn't the color of metal we had planned on and the black diamonds were half the size we were hoping they would be. We didn't let the disappointment of his wedding band effect our Wedding Eve evening however. We gladly took the ring with a smile and a thank you, and enjoyed our wedding dinner with family and friends.

As soon as we returned home from our honeymoon, my Guy was browsing one of his favorite stores and his eyes came across his new dream wedding band. He couldn't stop thinking about it, or for that matter, talking about it...for weeks! He took me to go take a look at it. It was in Scottsdale Mall, and I was still on crutches from my hip surgery, so he gladly pushed me in a wheel chair to go take a peek. Once I saw it for the first time, I smiled and agreed. It was perfect for him. It had his name written all over it. And After a long waited 6 months, it finally came! And what more perfect timing to get it then the morning of his 10 year reunion?! He looks ravishing with it on his left ring finger, and I love it. More than his original one. But...I am the sentimental type, and insisted we keep the first one. Just like how I am changing the setting for my diamond, we will keep the original setting even tho there will be no diamond in it. Call me crazy, weird or just plain silly, but I want to keep both of them.
*Mont Blanc*

*kindly disregard the cell phone picture...the only decent camera we have is our huge Nikon and it's not something you just carry around with you 24/7. So until we get a new digital, cell phone pictures will just have to do.

**Post Coming Soon-My Guy and his Pearly Whites!! Stay tuned...

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