.Summer Bliss.

So...I am not the best blogger...I will be the first one to admit it.
Since I was a little, what you call, handicap for 6 weeks, we didn't take many pictures 
or for that matter do anything really fun. It was always too much of an effort for me. Those bloody crutches of mine got to the best of me! (ask Levi)

So these are the rest of the summer pictures we took. 
I am so looking forward to the fall! Nicer nights to go on walks, long boarding, leaving the windows opened at night!
Ok maybe the windows thing will have to wait till the Winter since we live in Az and all...

Dallyn Cowley got married to Ryan Willis!
I love you Dall!!
The Bride and Her Girls.

Night Out with some of our Favs
Emily and Tanner Yeates
(Lydia was born 2 weeks after this pic)

First Time Back to Cibo Since We Got Engaged!
Same Picture but...I am a brunette, on crutches and Levi has braces.

The lovely Mrs. Kim Jaxn!!!!
Congrats Kim and Curtis!
(Ignore my hair and make-up...it was a long hot day and my first crutches free day!!)

Dane and Mal were gone for the Summer selling alarm systems.
We missed them ever so! So decided to celebrate our reuniting eating Sushi!

Best Friends since we were 2!
Alyssa's Wedding Dinner at Tia Rosa's

It's Official!!! Alyssa Massey Allen!!
Congrats to Lyss and Owen! So happy for you guys!!
Don't mind my green tongue...we got a little sugar happy at the candy station!

Bowling with the Fam for Christy's B-day.

My Adorable parents!
They're putting their papers in to go on a Mission in November!!!

The Birthday Girl and Birthday Lover Themselves!!
Happy 25th Christy, I love you!!!

My Momma and The Girls!  
(We're just missing Mairsy and Hills)


  1. love the pics em!! im soooo happy for lyss. when did she get married?? you look so gorgeous...you always do!

  2. heyyy em! ooh so glad i found your blog (from alexa's), it's too cute! love all the pictures and seeing all the things you've been up to :) i bet you're so glad you're done with the crutches! you are beautiful!

  3. I just found your blog while looking at Derick and Cheryl's. I'm sorry to hear about your injury! Tell Levi, "heeeey" from the HOwards too! :)

  4. I just found your blog! You're adorable. And you and your husband look as happy as can be.