Exactly 1 year ago, my sweetheart proposed to me! It was the biggest surprise of my entire life. I am not an easy person to surprise. I have a slight problem or you could say tendency to usually figure it out before it happens...(ask Levi, he can explain his frustrations on I just somehow figure things out). We spent the entire day together on Saturday. It was perfect. It started off with sleeping in until 8 and lounging around for a short while. We got ready and grabbed Jamba Juice before heading out to LC (Last Chance). I have an addiction with that place, it's bad. It had been about a year and half since I had been there, up until a month ago. Now, I can't stop. Whenever I have left over lunch money/my weekly allowance, I just have to go. The deals are ever so tempting. But you have to be a digger, if you're not, you're not going to like shopping there. Levi would very much so appreciate it if I stopped buying sweaters/cardigans and boots. We'll see about that, if they're just too cute or cheap to pass up, I'm going to have to get them. Sorry babe!

After LC, we headed to the Scottsdale Fashion Square. We had to take a slight detour because Mr. Mail Man's vehicle got tipped over. The neighborhood we went thru was darling and this picture was worth the detour.

(for all you non-az people, we DO have fall!!!!)

Scottsdale Fashion Square this time of year is so magical. I love it. The only thing I don't love is that I always get turned around while inside. Thank goodness my husband is a whiz and could walk around that place blindfolded and still not get lost. One of my favorite things to do while there, is to eat at The Nordstrom Cafe. MmmMmmm...We split the Margarita Pizza and the Roma Tomato Basil Soup. The thought of it is mouth watering. And the service there is awesome.

While in Scottsdale, it should be a law that you MUST go to Sprinkles! I got the Coconut (a favorite of mine) and Levi got an Eggnog Spice. I am not an Egg Nog fan what so ever, but this was really good!
We spent the rest of the afternoon stopping by Thrift Stores and Goodwill's. We got some great treasures that I am looking forward to use!

To end our night, we went to where Levi took me on our first date and where we had dinner right before he proposed. Cibo. It's our favorite place. This quaint little old home in downtown Phoenix, with the prettiest detail work all inside. I won't be surprised if our future home resembles the way this place looks. If you have never been to Cibo, it's another MUST. Italian food, with most of the main ingredients shipped from Italy. When you walk into the old home, now restaurant, you will speak to 1 of 2 Italians. Either an older gentleman or short blonde woman. Most likely it will be the gentleman. He has shiny gray hair, tied back in a ponytail, talks really close to your face and has really stinky breath. Haha, it's great. It's a very dim-lit place, it's perfect for the atmosphere. Ask to sit in the little room around the corner to the right. It makes the experience being there that much more magical. However for this night, we sat 1 table away from where we were 1 year ago. I love my Levi. He is everything I could have ever hoped for. We have my ideal marriage and it gets better with each and every day. I am so excited for our traditions to carry on through out the years and to continue going to the same places to celebrate our special memories.
Us 1 year ago.

Us Today.
Not much of a change except I'm a brunette and Levi is skinner!

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  1. Very cute couple I have to say!! Love you guys!!