...mErRy ChRiStMaS...

We love you ALL and hope you have
a very merry

After spending Christmas Eve with The Yeager's, we picked up Bosa Donuts for an "Elf Treat" for my family tomorrow as we make the rounds with my mom and dad bright and early. We then drove through Downtown Mesa and adored all the decorations and went and walked around the temple grounds to ooo and ahh over the temple lights since we had not done so yet this season. What a better night to go than Christmas Eve too!?

I hope we can all remember the importance in Christmas this Season!!!

(Levi was freezing while walking around the temple and I thought that was very odd since I am always the cold one...well I looked down and saw his 10 bare piggy's. I now know why:} )

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  1. I'm glad you commented on our blog because I lost your blog address when I switched up my blog. I think I need you to help me in the fashion department- you always have the cutest outfits on! Where do you get your boots?! See you guys on Thursday!