.Backyard Mexican.

If live somewhere in the valley, you know exactly what this means.
You were also probably just as devastated as I was when they got shut down.
So we decided to have them come to our backyard, cook up their carne asada and all of their goodness
 so we could invite all of our friends, plus some!
Let's be honest, we knew maybe, MAYBE, 1/4 of the peeps that showed up! 
We think well over 200 people came.
 The wait was an hour for the food at some point, but totally worth it. The Potato...Mmmmm....
Don't worry, if you missed out we'll be hosting it again later next month, or in May.
And yes I do regret not taking more pictures of the delectableness that I gorged myself with for hours!
 They cooked over 70pds of Carne Asada
 Patiently waiting...if you weren't up there when your name was called, you were SOL.

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  1. love the lights going on... wonder if the neighbors were bothered by all the cars and people? where did everyone park? did you play mexican music all night?