.Peculiar Baby. {9}

You're a mean one...Mr. Grinch!

T'was the Day before Christmas Eve, there was no "spotting" in site, but still seeing a negative didn't seem right.
The morning of Christmas Eve came at a surprise, we saw a positive and there was not 1 dry eye.
We celebrated and prayed, for giving us such a wonderful present on Christmas Eve Day.
We were so head over heals, that it almost didn't feel real.
Christmas morning something was telling me no, and within a couple of hours I was in full flow.
So onto round 4, a new Doctor we are seeing, we hope to not have anymore grieving.
It will all work out, so we better not pout. Everything has it time and right now it's not mine.


  1. Oh Emily, That's happy but sad news too. I am so sorry. Everything will be ok. You got pregnant! Can I just tell you how many of those I had. I misscarried so early all the time. That's when a friend of mine sent me to my doc and got me on progesterone right away. I am now 16 weeks pregnant with #2. If you want his number let me know. hes amazing.
    It was great seeing you on black friday. Sorry we were all in a rush. You looked adorable as always. xoxox

  2. soon enough you will be the cutest mommy ever! i agree with brooke, that is so happy and sad at the same time. but now you know that you can get pregnant and im sure your new doctor will figure everything out! miss you!

  3. I had blood work done Amanda and Brooke and there was nothing there. Just a faulty pregnancy test. I'm on so many hormones right now and that's was triggered the positive test. So no miscarriage, just a fluke.

  4. baby making is hard stuff-i guess for some it is easy and simple, but more often than not, i think it is a source for trial and growth for so many. you have such a good attitude and will be an amazing mommy. thinking of you!

    -Steph Ellersick