.Out with the Old, in with the New.

Sometimes last minute parties, make the best parties. One thing, well a couple things, we will do different next year is to make sure all the "House" chores are done prior to the day of a the party. Levi and I were running around from 7am-7pm getting everything cleaned and set up. It was well worth it tho.
We had plenty of food, Relay Races, a little game of Musical Chairs (quite hysterical actually with adults), Bingo, White Elephant, S'mores, Fireworks, Kinect and of course ringing in the New Year.
Looking back, 2011 was probably one of my favorite years yet. Bought a home, went a cruise, Hawaii-twice, Alaska, California, plenty of weekend getaways, brother beat cancer, sister adopted the most perfect baby boy, parents came home from their mission, went through all the ups and downs with fertility, and grew closer as a couple.The trials and experiences we've had have only made us stronger.
Looking forward to 2012 and the new years resolutions that we have yet made....whoops!!


  1. looks like an awesome party! Way to go em!

  2. I love your sparkler 2012 picture! You guys are so cute, and are always having so much fun.